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Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Week And A Few Thoughts

Well, It's been a hell of a first week.  If you remember, I quit driving a truck over the road in favor of being closer to my family.  I have been closer, that is for sure.  I think my daughter in particular is wondering how to get me BACK into the truck.  I really do think they forgot what my sense of humor can be like.  However, on a more serious note, last monday morning I recieved a phone call from my wife telling me that her boss was going to be taking her to the ER and that I needed to walk down and get the Ford Expedition from her work.  Apparently, she decided that pinching off the last half inch of her right ring finger would be an excellent way to end her shift.

So, having such an inauspicous start to my day, I walked the 1.4 miles down to where my wife worked and got her vehicle and drove to the hospital.  Sure enough, she was just getting done with her visit, and I'd like to take a moment to say that we were both impressed with service she recieved and the courtesy I recieved from Bailey Medical Center in Owasso, Oklahoma.  Those were some very nice and competent people.  They got the bleeding stopped and bandaged her wound.  The next day we took her to the workers comp doctors that handle all of Wal-Mart's cases and they pretty much did the same thing; change the dressing and take x-rays.  Turns out she barely missed taking the end of the bone off.  But it was exposed, though it was difficult to see at that time.  Now for the fun part.

The good people at the clinic set us up with a pediatric surgeon in Tulsa for yesterday morning and as soon as this man looked at my wife's finger he started plans for surgery to be done that day.  He said that the end of the bone was turning necrotic and the surgery couldn't wait any longer or she'd risk infection in the bone. If that happened she'd lose the end of the finger down to the first joint.  This is where I and my need for information came in and I completely stunned the Doc.  I asked him if he planned to do a "V Y Plasty" procedure.  The look on his face was hillarious.  "That's exactly what it's called.  How did you know that?"  Looking at his nurse he said, "He knew that, how many people EVER know that?!?"  To me: "How did you know that?"  It was great.  Anyways, back to the wife...

We were in the hospital from about 12:30pm to just about 6:45pm.  The surgery went fine and all was well and good until this morning.  My wife and I overslept and her pain meds wore off completely.  Yeah, not so good an idea.  But we got her dosed back up and she's been sleeping comfortably.  So that's the details of my first week out of the truck.  Now for some landscape.

I have noticed in my life, that the good Lord knows exactly where I need to be and makes sure I'm there.  For instance, this weeks adventure in spousal self-mutilation.  If I had not decided to make the change in my job that I did, I'd not have been here to take care of my wife and kids.  I have no idea how she's have coped.  I'm truly thankful that I won't have to find out.  My place is with her and apparently the Lord agreed.  Not one job that I put in apps with this week has returned a call.  I'm willing to bet all the lint in my pockets that Monday I get inundated with calls.  Will things be tight for a while?  Absolutely.  Will we get through?  Absolutely.

Now for the other detritus that the media chooses to call news.  Over the last week, I've been reading about the Politico's attacks on Herman Cain.  Welcome to the party Mr. Cain.  You are officially a threat to the left.  I have also been thrilled to hear the more they attack, the higher his campaign donations get and his polls have caught a bump as well.  Apparently the old yarn about any press being good press seems apropos to Mr. Cain.

Look, I know he's not a saint.  Good grief, we're never gonna have a perfect candidate.  If we're waiting on the second coming of George Washington, we're gonna have a long wait ahead of us.  What I do know is that he's Christian, Conservative, and he's successful at those things that he has decided to accomplish.  When he speaks it invokes in me the same feelings I get when I go back and listen to Ronald Reagan's speeches.  He's upbeat, positive, and unashamably patriotic.  He is not polished like the candidate that's being pushed down our throats, Mitt Romney.  He makes mistakes in his statements but he's willing to revisit each statement and give a definative answer.  He doesn't prevaricate or try to give some Washington double-speak to give non-answers.  I like that.

Another thing that I like about Herman Cain is his past.  He grew up in the segregated south from a poor family.  He's self-made in every sense.  Despite all of the handicaps that a young, very black man would have, he made of himself a man that other men would follow.  He's a pastor in his church and successful business man.  He is, in point of fact, the type of man I would be honored to know and emulate.  He's the type of man that I would point out to my kids and say, "Be like him!  He get's it."  But none of his accomplishments mean anything to the Left.  They are trying to destroy him.  Not just politically, but they'll go after him and his family in a personal way.  Mark me on this, they can't afford to let a man like Herman Cain put the lie to their savior Barack Hussein Obama.

So yeah, I'll vote for Herman Cain and I'll be praying that he is the one that runs against Barry in the upcoming elections.  If he loses, I really don't see how we're going to get the changes made that are needed to bring this republic back to its roots.  But then, I have always known that things are going to go badly in the end.  Which is a good segway into my final topic.

I haven't really had the energy to go into my perspectives and feelings about the "occupy" movement.  I would like to be able to report that Oklahomans were too bright for that kind of thing, but unfortunately, we've got our own protesters here in Tulsa.  Probably Oklahoma City too, but I haven't heard any news from that side of the state since this crap started.  Let me be absolutely clear who I believe these people are.  The are the human equivalent to potato peels and watermelon rinds.  The are the leftover crap that is only fit for the pigs to eat.  Human detritus better cleared out and disgarded on a foreign shore than allowed to rot where it is and stink up the rest of the place.  These ne'er-do-wells are spoiled, ignorant, and self-serving.  They have no concept of honor, integrity, character, or discipline.  In short, they are totally undeserving of the status of "American citizen".  Personally, I'd not be too upset were we to round them up and drop them in some European city without permission for them to come home. 

The entire movement has been sourced back to Soros and the Whitehouse.  Those that are promoting it are traitors and Quislings.  And I personally believe, that the blood that is going to flow in this country will be traced right back to this bowel movement called "Occupy Wall Street".


gramma2many said...

Really sorry about your wife's finger. I know it has to hurt:(
And..............welcome back. It has been a long dry spell without your wisdom. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is Mr. Cain that I am voting for too. If not him, I would go for Newt, but only as a far second choice. Do not want Romney at all.
You absolutely hit the nail squarely on the head as far as the Occupy movement is concerned. Bunch of Communists and Socialists.

Greywolfe said...

Hey Gramma. I hope that the Lord is smiling on you tonight. Thanks for your kind words as always.

I will say that if Cain isn't brought onboard then we're in for a fight and I mean a bloody one. The left will pull out all the stops to keep Barry in office and frankly, I would rather not have Newt in there because of his leftist views on the global warming myth. He is onboard that train and is going to run it right into the wall.

As for any "wisdom" you might get from me.... (shudder) I don't believe I've ever had anyone say that about me. I prefer to think of it as common sense. Once upon a time most men thought and believed the way I do.

I guess, "old fashioned common sense" would be a better phrase for my rants. Love you and am still praying for you and your family.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Thanks for the prayers. Had a horrible scare a week ago. Nearly lost her to pneumonia. You are right about Newt. I am just in awe of his intelligence. I still think of the options, he is far and above better than Romney whom the inside Washington Republican establishment wants.
How is the finger? Hoping it is feeling much better.

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