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Monday, August 1, 2011

Deficit Deal or Sold Out Souls?

I woke this morning, turned on the idiot box, and was informed that the Republican and Democratic leaders had miraculously come to an 11th hour deal that would save us from default.  There was much lamentation and gnashing of teeth from the Left for not getting their tax increases and the Right was spitting about the cuts to the defense budget.  But behind it all was the cracking of shoulder joints as the negotiators quietly patted themselves on the back for once again bringing the great play to its finale once again.

I call it the "Great Play" because we have (or should have) come to understand that this is the way it is always done.  The Speaker played out this same game last Spring with the budget agreement and it amounted to a big thumb in the eye of all of us that worked to take back the house in hopes of gaining a foothold and fighting for the survival of our republic.  Well, this was Act II and as the curtain closes, all I can think of is the fact that they solved NOTHING.  Obama got his debt increase with a promise of more in the future, and all of the spending decreases are way out in the future with the Military holding the purse for 50% of it.  

What was the bone thrown to the rest of America?  A promise on a balanced budget amendment to the constitution.  A vote.  The Amendment should have been part of the deal.  Period.  And in none of the language being used can I find anyone talking about DEBT reduction.  We're still looking at just slowing the debt increases, not debt elimination.  Our nation is screwed.

All of this was, ostensibly, to keep from getting a down grade from the dreaded S&P ratings agency but the truth is, this deal falls short of what they were looking at by 2 trillion dollars.  So, we increased our debt again, and in the end, got nothing in return.


Chuck O said...

Oh we got something in return. It's called hyperinflation and it's coming soon. I do not know if you are familiar with Ann Barnhardt, but her writing has been posted on a couple of blogs I read. Definitely feel the need to share this one.


Greywolfe said...

Thanks Chuck. But hyper-inflation is something that we could possibly see an end to if that were the only toxic ramification of this deal, but it's not. It also signals that D.C. (including "tea party" candidates that voted for the deal) are still not serious about getting shedding our national debt.

Had it been me, I'd have introduced paul ryans plan again and again and again, no other bill would have seen the light of day until that bill and a balanced budget amendment were passed in both houses. Anything less is cowardous. They have guaranteed that the next time the debt ceiling is hit, it will again be raised.

Greywolfe said...

Oh, and I read the piece at the link you provided... Finally, someone who writes as pissed as I feel. But I still think the people that folded are getting aways with it, when they should be getting lit up.

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