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I'm a simple man, not a simpleton. The worst thing any of our leaders can do is to get those two things confused. I'm a warrior for those things I believe in. I stand up for my friends, family, God, and country. All I truly want is for the government to stay as far out of my life as I can get it. Oh and just in case you haven't guessed it; I'm conservative in my bones.


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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap

Well friends, here we are just a couple hours (depending where you are) from calling 2011 a done deal.  I've been through a lot of changes this year.  In fact, they kept coming right up to the last few days, finishing off with a new career.  I'd like to take a few and tell all of my friends that read this that I am so very thankful for your friendship and support through this last year.  Like the nation I love so much, I've seen grief and laughter, fear and blessings, moments of weakness and strength.  I've made new friends and discovered old friends were dying.  But in all of the things that I've been through and been part of, I know that the good Lord has had my back.  I've seen too many things that convince me of his active participation in my life.

As for our nation and the things it's going through, I've seen a lot of things that have disappointed me this last year.  Many of those that were elected last year and that were seen as our warriors for conservative principles have become  However, I've seen other things that lead me to believe that there is a very strong and growing section of America that are becoming increasingly intolerant of the "progressive" agenda and are fighting back.  Record gun and ammunition sales are both very heartening and at the same time, quite disturbing.  The Tea Party has become a national force in political circles and no longer do those in opposition take them lightly.  Indeed, they have tried, with little true success, to foster their own "occupy" movement and in doing so have shown themselves to be violent and anarchic and so most of America is at the least distrusting and at the most, disgusted by the movement.

We are now in a battle, political though it may be, for a new administration to help lead our nation back to the path it was set up to take.  Understand me, if you have read this blog for any time at all, you know that even as I fight for those things I believe in as principle bedrocks of my nature, I also believe that things are playing out as they must for biblical prophecy to come to the end that has been foretold.  It doesn't change what I see as my duty, but it does make it easier to take defeat when it happens as it did with the crushing debt arguments that this nation has been in this past year.  We conservatives were hoodwinked by those we trusted and fed a line that is nothing less than a continuation of the destructive policies that the current administration started 3 years ago.

This next year will bear out whether my belief, the belief that our fate as a free, unified, and strong republic has been compromised beyond redemption, will prove true or that the "shining city on the hill" as Reagan referred to us, still has bright days in store.

I personally believe that until we recapture our heritage as a christian nation, protecting the life of the unborn and making decisions based on what's right and wrong versus what is politically feasable, we will never again recieve the blessings of the Lord as a nation.  Without that, we will not survive as the force of good that we had been in our nation's youth.

Whatever happens, God bless those that call me friend or kin.  God look with mercy on this nation, and I pray that this next year holds blessings never before seen for all of you.  Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Heating Up The Christmas Season

Merry Christmas my friends and family.  This is a season full of bittersweet memories and joy for our saviors birth.  The memories that I find so bittersweet are due to the many loved ones that have gone on to be with our Lord, and the remembrances of the happy days long past.  The Joy of our savior's birth needs no explanation to those of you that share in my faith.  There is only one holiday I enjoy more than Christmas and that's Thanksgiving.  NO, not for the food, but for the fact that I take time to sit down and list out all the blessings that God, in his generosity, has provided.

But this season is not without its pitfalls.  Right now, around the country and across the globe, there are evil forces at work trying to restrict our ability to worship our Lord in public venues or  in our home towns.  80% of America believes in Christ Jesus and yet we are required by bullies and malcontents to hide our faith instead of shining it out like beacons in the night.  For the last couple of weeks I have been monitoring a fight in east Texas, where a small town is being bullied by an out of state atheist organization, with the purpose of making this town tear down a nativity.  This weekend, over 5000 people gathered in a rally in praise of our Lord and support of the town's nativity scene.  God bless them.
In Europe, the Muslims push the European nations further and further from their christian heritage so as to not foment discord amongst Islamists.  Time and again the European powers show their lack of spine in the face of the encroachment of Islam.  Christians are being murdered and persecuted in countries all across the middle and far east in numbers that haven't been seen or rather reported in decades.

All across the world there are wars, and rumors of wars.  Kim Jong Il was recently reported to have changed his name to Kim Jong Dead, and no one seems to know what that means for the small insanity driven nuclear power called North Korea. 

Throw into the middle of all of this, our own bit of insanity called the presidential election cycle and the fact that for all intents and purposes, we have been eating our own in personal attempts at power grabbing and fear mongering.  I don't care which side of the isle you look at, both parties have decided that scorched earth is the only way to get power.  No candidate is going to be perfect, however I will point out that there are some perfectly awful positions that we may find ourselves in. 

The first and foremost of these positions would be to allow Barry Obama to stay in office another 4 years.  Frankly, anyone other than Ron Paul would do just fine as president, with a few provisos of course.  The first and foremost of these would be that we gain a conservative majority in both houses of congress.  Notice I didn't use the words "Republican majority" but rather "Conservative Majority".  That is key.  With enough Conservatives brought into power, the evils that any president is capable of can be muted or supressed entirely.  All bills must start in the house or senate.  And vetos can be over ridden if the will is there.

So many are putting so much energy into which one of the candidates will  be our "savior".  Look where that line of thinking got us with Barry.  He was supposed to be the "savior" of the left.  And I suppose from a socialist point of view, he's doing very well.  But we cannot afford that.  We must take the Congress back, and use it's legislative power to do what the President cannot, removed all of the dangerous and malignant laws that the dems and the Obama administration have put in place.

If you are looking for a savior, I suggest reading the red letters in a good Bible.  The rest will take care of itself.  A little food for thought, though; We may not have always gotten the leader that we wanted, but I'm pretty sure we've always gotten the leaders  that we deserved.  Let's make sure that we deserve better in the future. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rant or Cute Kittens....Decision Of The Day.

Ok, so first things first...  Ever since I moved out of the wild and wooly west parts of Oklahoma for the more social and accessible north eastern parts of my beloved state, I have been living the life of a semi-homeless person.  By which I mean that I have not had cable or internet for almost 2 full months!  Gasp!!!  Terrible as that fate seems to most, I survived it and am now back into the high life with a fully functional cable TV and modem.  So, of course the first thing I wanted to do was to get on here and share the good news with you, my friends.

As that would basically end this post with that one paragraph, I decided to go out into the internet and start dredging drudge and other news outlets and gleen all the good news I could find into an uplifting message for this Christmas holiday season.  Guess what, couldn't find ANY!  None.  Nada.  Kaput.  We're two weeks from Christmas and the only news articles I can find are negative and going south from there.  Jews and Christians are indefinately banned from the temple mount, sales are down in the U.S., the government is getting set to pass a bill that would allow military forces to not only operate on U.S. soil but to apprehend and detain, indefinately, any citizen SUSPECTED of terrorist ties or activities.  Even the poster boy for the tea party in Florida, one Allen West, is beating the drums in support of this travesty.  How much freedom are we gonna give up in the name of security?  Our founders thought about this, and came to the conclusion that if you're willing to give up freedom for security, you're gonna end up losing both.  My personal point of view is that if the government will just get the hell out of the people's way, we could handle any problems that arise from insurgent or other home grown jihadists.

All that is the reason that I decided, among other things that I was gonna either have to get on here and set fire to the internet with a rant that would be certain to have the black suburbans pulling up in the driveway, or I was going to have to do something to calm down and bring a bit of cuteness to this otherwise horrendous news day.  So, I'm gonna have to pass on the rant as I want to bring it, and instead give you a terminal dose of cute...  Enjoy!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Herman Cain Destruction.... Complete

Well, I believe that I called this one right.  A couple of posts back, I said that the left would destroy Herman Cain not just oppose him.  They couldn't afford to have a man like him put the lie to Barry and his plans.  So, they've brought out every piece of trailer trash they could find and some that just flat doesn't seem to exist to pound on him.  Now this latest "friend" of his comes forward and claims a decade plus long affair.  Did it happen?  Likely.  Does that immediately disqualify him for President?  Well, if it does then Newt is toast too.  Personally, I find myself of two minds on the thought.  On one hand, we need a man of strong moral character so we can have a hero, if you will, to look to and say, "See?!?  A good man does exist that can lead us." And I am repulsed by the idea of cheating on your wife for any reason.  On the other hand, I'm not inclined to think that a long time relationship outside of marriage is a reason to throw a man overboard.  He is still the man who was a positive leader in several companies and has come up with good ideas for saving this nation.  Would an affair keep a general from prosecuting a war, by default?  I mean just because he had one... I don't think so.

But in all reality, that is a moot point.  He's toast.  Now Newt seems to be pulling into the default lead and the laundry list of reasons that I don't like him are so damned long that it would give me a cramp to write it out.  But for brevity's sake, it can be summed up by a video of him on a couch with the wicked witch of the west, Pelosi.  'Nuff said.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Week And A Few Thoughts

Well, It's been a hell of a first week.  If you remember, I quit driving a truck over the road in favor of being closer to my family.  I have been closer, that is for sure.  I think my daughter in particular is wondering how to get me BACK into the truck.  I really do think they forgot what my sense of humor can be like.  However, on a more serious note, last monday morning I recieved a phone call from my wife telling me that her boss was going to be taking her to the ER and that I needed to walk down and get the Ford Expedition from her work.  Apparently, she decided that pinching off the last half inch of her right ring finger would be an excellent way to end her shift.

So, having such an inauspicous start to my day, I walked the 1.4 miles down to where my wife worked and got her vehicle and drove to the hospital.  Sure enough, she was just getting done with her visit, and I'd like to take a moment to say that we were both impressed with service she recieved and the courtesy I recieved from Bailey Medical Center in Owasso, Oklahoma.  Those were some very nice and competent people.  They got the bleeding stopped and bandaged her wound.  The next day we took her to the workers comp doctors that handle all of Wal-Mart's cases and they pretty much did the same thing; change the dressing and take x-rays.  Turns out she barely missed taking the end of the bone off.  But it was exposed, though it was difficult to see at that time.  Now for the fun part.

The good people at the clinic set us up with a pediatric surgeon in Tulsa for yesterday morning and as soon as this man looked at my wife's finger he started plans for surgery to be done that day.  He said that the end of the bone was turning necrotic and the surgery couldn't wait any longer or she'd risk infection in the bone. If that happened she'd lose the end of the finger down to the first joint.  This is where I and my need for information came in and I completely stunned the Doc.  I asked him if he planned to do a "V Y Plasty" procedure.  The look on his face was hillarious.  "That's exactly what it's called.  How did you know that?"  Looking at his nurse he said, "He knew that, how many people EVER know that?!?"  To me: "How did you know that?"  It was great.  Anyways, back to the wife...

We were in the hospital from about 12:30pm to just about 6:45pm.  The surgery went fine and all was well and good until this morning.  My wife and I overslept and her pain meds wore off completely.  Yeah, not so good an idea.  But we got her dosed back up and she's been sleeping comfortably.  So that's the details of my first week out of the truck.  Now for some landscape.

I have noticed in my life, that the good Lord knows exactly where I need to be and makes sure I'm there.  For instance, this weeks adventure in spousal self-mutilation.  If I had not decided to make the change in my job that I did, I'd not have been here to take care of my wife and kids.  I have no idea how she's have coped.  I'm truly thankful that I won't have to find out.  My place is with her and apparently the Lord agreed.  Not one job that I put in apps with this week has returned a call.  I'm willing to bet all the lint in my pockets that Monday I get inundated with calls.  Will things be tight for a while?  Absolutely.  Will we get through?  Absolutely.

Now for the other detritus that the media chooses to call news.  Over the last week, I've been reading about the Politico's attacks on Herman Cain.  Welcome to the party Mr. Cain.  You are officially a threat to the left.  I have also been thrilled to hear the more they attack, the higher his campaign donations get and his polls have caught a bump as well.  Apparently the old yarn about any press being good press seems apropos to Mr. Cain.

Look, I know he's not a saint.  Good grief, we're never gonna have a perfect candidate.  If we're waiting on the second coming of George Washington, we're gonna have a long wait ahead of us.  What I do know is that he's Christian, Conservative, and he's successful at those things that he has decided to accomplish.  When he speaks it invokes in me the same feelings I get when I go back and listen to Ronald Reagan's speeches.  He's upbeat, positive, and unashamably patriotic.  He is not polished like the candidate that's being pushed down our throats, Mitt Romney.  He makes mistakes in his statements but he's willing to revisit each statement and give a definative answer.  He doesn't prevaricate or try to give some Washington double-speak to give non-answers.  I like that.

Another thing that I like about Herman Cain is his past.  He grew up in the segregated south from a poor family.  He's self-made in every sense.  Despite all of the handicaps that a young, very black man would have, he made of himself a man that other men would follow.  He's a pastor in his church and successful business man.  He is, in point of fact, the type of man I would be honored to know and emulate.  He's the type of man that I would point out to my kids and say, "Be like him!  He get's it."  But none of his accomplishments mean anything to the Left.  They are trying to destroy him.  Not just politically, but they'll go after him and his family in a personal way.  Mark me on this, they can't afford to let a man like Herman Cain put the lie to their savior Barack Hussein Obama.

So yeah, I'll vote for Herman Cain and I'll be praying that he is the one that runs against Barry in the upcoming elections.  If he loses, I really don't see how we're going to get the changes made that are needed to bring this republic back to its roots.  But then, I have always known that things are going to go badly in the end.  Which is a good segway into my final topic.

I haven't really had the energy to go into my perspectives and feelings about the "occupy" movement.  I would like to be able to report that Oklahomans were too bright for that kind of thing, but unfortunately, we've got our own protesters here in Tulsa.  Probably Oklahoma City too, but I haven't heard any news from that side of the state since this crap started.  Let me be absolutely clear who I believe these people are.  The are the human equivalent to potato peels and watermelon rinds.  The are the leftover crap that is only fit for the pigs to eat.  Human detritus better cleared out and disgarded on a foreign shore than allowed to rot where it is and stink up the rest of the place.  These ne'er-do-wells are spoiled, ignorant, and self-serving.  They have no concept of honor, integrity, character, or discipline.  In short, they are totally undeserving of the status of "American citizen".  Personally, I'd not be too upset were we to round them up and drop them in some European city without permission for them to come home. 

The entire movement has been sourced back to Soros and the Whitehouse.  Those that are promoting it are traitors and Quislings.  And I personally believe, that the blood that is going to flow in this country will be traced right back to this bowel movement called "Occupy Wall Street".

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Further Changes In The Life of Of The Oklahoma Patriot

Well, it's been one Hell of a year.  First I'd like to touch on the positive before I get into the emotional topics.  First and foremost, I have moved my family from the voluntary exile from all civilization that we were living in out in the back end of Oklahoma's armpit known as Woods County.  We have moved back over towards the northeastern part of the state, more specifically, north of Tulsa where good dining can still be had.  Thank GOD for Kilkenny's Irish Pub.  They have a blackened ribeye that is probably the closest thing to a manifestation of heaven that I will ever experience.  The wife and the kids are adjusting well to the changes in job and schools, respectively, and I am finishing out my last 2 weeks as an over the road driver.  So, my posts will be getting more and more frequent as I again ramp up for another presidential election cycle.  Well enough of the feel good news.  On with my real reason for firing this page up.

Late last week, I was notified through Facebook that a classmate of mine was dying.  First off, you have to understand some background if you want to know why this is hitting me so hard.  We had 9 kids in my graduating class.  That's right, 9.  As in, NINE.  Even at the height of our class attendance, I think 15 was as high as it went.  Out of the 15 that were in my class, we have lost 2 and are in the process of losing a third to cancer.  I'm not sure what the odds of losing 20% of your class to cancer as opposed to other forms of death, or that all of these deaths occured before the age of 45, but I have got to think that it can't be normal.  So that's the landscape, now for the details of this classmate that I am losing.

Yes, I put it as a personal loss.  You see, once apon a time, The Oklahoma Patriot was a troubled youngster that was not at all treated well by those around him.  (gasp!  And blowing holes in my classmates never occured to me.  Oh, yeah, I don't think we had 24 hr cable news yet.) Any way after a particularly bad incident between me and another student who WAS on the "in crowd" I landed myself in the principles office.  The short version was, that I told him that I didn't want to be bothered, that I wanted to just be left alone.  I was tired of the harrassment and ridicule for being different. It was a very troubling moment in my life.  I felt utterly alone and utterly hopeless for things to ever improve.

That's when I heard two people behind me in the doorway.  A boy named Cole and a girl named Tina.  Both of them said that they would not ignore my presence or just leave me alone to myself because they liked and cared for me.  They showed a 14 year old boy, who thought he had no one to count on, friendship and loyalty.  And to the day we left school, they were true to that.  After graduation, I, Tina, and Cole all went into the military.  I and Tina went into the Army, and Cole into the Marines.  He's still there, by the way.  God bless and keep him.  Tina got out and started her life out down by Oklahoma City and had more than her share of hard times.  But her spirit kept her marching forward and she overcame pain and misfortune that would have probably ruined me.

I guess the reason I give these little biographies is so that you will understand when I say I would gladly stand in there place when death comes for them.  Whether by natural or unnatural means, I'd gladly take the bullet for either of them. Other than my family, there are few that I would do that for.  Both of these good people have earned my loyalty and love.  The 20+ years since our graduation hasn't changed that for me. 

That 14 year old boy that was sitting in that office, crying with frustration and rage, fell in love with a girl for her compassion.  And came to respect and admire a young man for his honor and compassion, also.  Every day I know that I could get word that Cole was killed in fighting over seas.  I believe that he has returned from Afghanistan now, but who knows when he'll be asked to return.  I will mourn him if it happens, but he's a Marine and he knows the job well.

Tina, on the other hand, is a different story.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago and they did a double radical mastectomy to remove all of the cancer.  They thought that she was free from the cancer.  Unfortunately, as I said, last week I found differently.  They have said that the cancer has indeed returned and metasticized in her bones.  She has not said how long they have given her, but from what she's said, it won't be long.  I fell in love with her 25 years ago, and a part of me has always held that place in my heart for her. I always will because not once in those 25 years has she ever been other than my friend.

God bless and keep you Tina.  God make his light shine in your darkest times.  And if it be his will, may he lay a healing hand on you and take your pain.

Friday, August 5, 2011

America in Decline... Ya Think?!?

I came home tonight after being on the road and as the whole family was in bed and asleep, I decided that I would get on and check the news for the last couple of days. Here's a couple headlines from Drudge Report.

Downgraded!.  So all the wrangling and lies and posturing to save us from this evil fate has fallen short.  I could die from NOT surprise.

'Mob' beatings at WI state fair...  Apparently Wisconsin doesn't have enough problems so a gang of blacks numbering from dozens to hundreds (depending on the report) decided to throw a beating to any white they came across leaving the fair.  Nice place to never visit.

FOOD STAMPS: Record 45.8 million dependent...  Apparently it comes to about 1 in 7 Americans are on the take for food stamps.  I have to wonder why in Barry's summer of recovery is there a need for 1 in 7 to be on welfare?

People wonder why I have such a negative outlook on our future.  Give me a break, I look every day for positive signs and find nothing.  The people we send to serve the American people cave and end up rubber stamping some comprimise plan that completely undermines what it is supposed to fix.  Our courts are laughing stocks and made more so by nihilistic groups that strive to unmake our heritage.  We have enemies within that we can not muster the political will to oust, let alone shut down their corridors of illegal entry.  Those conservative groups that rose up and stood so very strong to demonstrate against the tax, borrow, and spend policies a couple years ago, have gotten into ruts as to how they deal with politics.  They refuse to take the fight to the next level.  To force the government to bow to their will.

Just what is it I'm supposed to get a positive feeling for?  What ray of sunshine can one show me that would lead me to believe that the American people are at all serious about our own survival?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Angst of The Conservative Mind

I've been going through the blogs today and almost without exception, the results of the faux deficit reduction deal are extremely negative. Small wonder, most of us that watched the last Congressional election cycle with baited breaths, were told that the freshmen that we helped elect were going to be warriors for principles that were shouted from the pulpits across the fruited plain;  "Taxed Enough Already", and cutting spending and size of government, not to mention reductions in the choke hold that federal regulations are having on our nations businesses.

What have we gotten instead?  A big cave on the budget fight earlier in the spring and another thumb in the eye of the fiscal and social conservatives in the U.S.  We were even abandoned by the man that we looked to as a stalwart in the movement, Lt. Col. Allen West.  I still don't understand how he could get behind this deal when it did nothing to stop the insanity that is Washington spending.  The only reason I an think that he would go along with this, and I would hate to think that he would stand for it, is that he was threatened by the Republican leadership that they would support someone else in a primary fight if he stood his ground.  Since he made it clear that he has no intention of trying for another position, he might feel like he has to do what he can to protect his job. 

I really don't care what his reasoning, the fact of the matter is, that we who consider ourselves warriors for this nation are looking to our representatives and senators to fight for what is morally right, regardless of the personal costs.  Trust me, if we were given a spokesman in the house and senate that were willing to fall on their sword for the fights that must be fought, then we would take care of them and protect them.  This luke warm attempt is contemptuous and disgusting.  It will be remembered when election tallies come in.  I hope that our elected representatives do better this fall, but I'm already hearing rumors that at least on the senate side, Harry Reid is trying to stack the deck as far as the super committee is concerned.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Deficit Deal or Sold Out Souls?

I woke this morning, turned on the idiot box, and was informed that the Republican and Democratic leaders had miraculously come to an 11th hour deal that would save us from default.  There was much lamentation and gnashing of teeth from the Left for not getting their tax increases and the Right was spitting about the cuts to the defense budget.  But behind it all was the cracking of shoulder joints as the negotiators quietly patted themselves on the back for once again bringing the great play to its finale once again.

I call it the "Great Play" because we have (or should have) come to understand that this is the way it is always done.  The Speaker played out this same game last Spring with the budget agreement and it amounted to a big thumb in the eye of all of us that worked to take back the house in hopes of gaining a foothold and fighting for the survival of our republic.  Well, this was Act II and as the curtain closes, all I can think of is the fact that they solved NOTHING.  Obama got his debt increase with a promise of more in the future, and all of the spending decreases are way out in the future with the Military holding the purse for 50% of it.  

What was the bone thrown to the rest of America?  A promise on a balanced budget amendment to the constitution.  A vote.  The Amendment should have been part of the deal.  Period.  And in none of the language being used can I find anyone talking about DEBT reduction.  We're still looking at just slowing the debt increases, not debt elimination.  Our nation is screwed.

All of this was, ostensibly, to keep from getting a down grade from the dreaded S&P ratings agency but the truth is, this deal falls short of what they were looking at by 2 trillion dollars.  So, we increased our debt again, and in the end, got nothing in return.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu: A True Patriot And Warrior Statesman

I'm not sure that I can ever summon the words necessary to express the awe and profound respect I have for PM Netanyahu.  From my earliest recollections of his speeches he has had a very clear moral bearing and a profound love and respect for American culture and society.  Pity that so many of my fellow Americans can't be as well educated on the similarities between our two nations as he is.

I watched the interview he gave to Sean Hannity and I was amazed at how far he went to keep from giving our current president more of a black eye than he already had.  If we could elect someone like the honorable Prime Minister, we'd be well on the way to reclaiming our future.  He is more of a patriot for OUR nation than most of the people that currently inhabit the Senate or Whitehouse. 

Needless to say, I stand with Israel.  If not for any other reason than they worship the same god I worship and are surrounded by those that would wipe all believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob off the face of the map.  We can not allow this, as our Father has admonished us in Genesis 12: 1-3 "Those Who Bless Israel Will Be Blessed, and Those Who Curse Israel Will Be Cursed."

God help us if we turn our backs on them.  But then, that's just it...  We'll have given over our only claim to God's blessing left to us.  Our support for his children.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Blessings and Friendships From Past to Present Kept

The title is a bit on the poetic side, but I'll chalk that up to my listening to some Irish poetry. But now to the reason for this post.

Last Thursday, I was taken with the idea of calling on a man and his wife that I had not seen in over 15 years.  He was my pastor and she was his wife, of course.  When I met them they were new to the ministry.  That was nearly 25 years ago now.  To explain what these two mean, meant, and will mean to me in the future, I'll have to explain some history, both ancient and in some cases, probably best left buried.  But for you my friends, I'll dig up the bones and show you how these people helped me be who I am now, for better or worse.

It couldn't have been more than a week after he moved into his office at our church, that I dropped in to see him.  On his wall he had the most unusual and curious picture that I have ever seen.  It was a picture of Christ Jesus, but in a manner that I had never before seen.  You see, most pictures of Jesus are very solemn affairs.  He's almost always somber and in prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, or merely looking up to heaven.  However, in this one instance that was not what I saw.  Instead of a somber Christ, what was on his wall was a pencil drawing of Jesus in a full on belly laugh.  I have never been able to see that picture now or then without wanting to stare at it.  It was a completely alien image of what my Lord was supposed to be.

You see, my mother was very much a Penticostal Holiness member.  She was very fond of the hellfire and brimstone sermon.  Quick to judge but quick to forgive, that was my mothers view of Christ.  My father, on the other hand, was a lay leader in our Methodist Church.  The methodist view, as I saw it at the time, was of an all loving, all concerned source of Grace, but never the less, solemn Lord Jesus.  I'm not sure I even knew who he was to me, at the tender age of 15.

So, here's this picture that utterly arrests my forward movement into the room and this very blonde, very high energy man turns to me and gives me a huge smile and welcomes me in to talk.  I don't now remember what he said to me, but it was the beginning of a great friendship and mentorship.  Ray was probably the most approachable person I'd ever met.  He and his wife both accepted me and my friends into their home as if we were nearly family.  He was at the time, and still is I'm learning, a very physical individual.  He would work out with me and we even went on a 4 day prayer and bible hike down in the southeast corner of Oklahoma.  In the time that he was my pastor there in Carmen, Oklahoma I came to understand that that picture of the laughing Christ was how Ray saw the Lord, and tried  (successfully I might add) to emulate. 

Ray introduced me to a side of Christ that I'd never thought to consider.  And he lived it as an example to a very confused and disfunctional kid.  It is largely due to his influence that I was able to learn of my own value.  For that, least of all the things he did for me, I would like to thank him.  But more lasting and more important by far was that he taught me that Christ Jesus was someone with whom I had to have a personal and intimate relationship with.  That I should talk with him daily and really look for his answers. 

I've tried to live up to the examples that they set for me.   Thank you Ray and Kathy.  Your friendships mean more to me than you will ever possibly know.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Signs Of The Times

Well friends and neighbors, this is, for me at least a very frightening time to be alive.  Look at all that's happening in such a small amount of time:  The middle east is being remade in many ways.  Our nation is fighting for its survival. And Japan is trying to self destruct.  Add into the mix the EU's monetary worries, many of which have taken a back burner due to the other crises.  The fact is, things are setting up for a global melt down of the type not seen since WWII.   

The scary part is, how many of those in power are willing to put everything to risk for political gain and power.  I heard, last week, several Democrat Congressmen throwing around vitriol and bile like confetti at a ticker tape parade.  What good does it do the nation to throw mud that you know has no place hitting those that are making an honest effort to restore our future?  None.  But that isn't stopping them from claiming the the Republicans are out to kill women, children, and senior citizens, anyways. 

So, the Republicans got their arses handed to them on the budget crisis last week.  Come to find out the multi-billion dollar deal actually panned out into a couple hundred million.  Ooops.  Gee, I guess that didn't work out the way they wanted.  Paul Ryan has come up with a budget plan that would, over the next 10+ years, decrease the debt and finally eliminate it.

Like Rand Paul, I believe it'll be too little too late, but it's a start.  The problem comes in because there's not a snowball's chance in Hell that they'll get that plan through the Senate.  The political hacks are going to go berserk over it and the Senate version will be just as weak as this last budget deal.  So, in short I really don't forsee us getting anything meaninful done until after the next budget starts. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Half The World Burns And I Ask, "What Comes Next?"

Hey friends and neighbors, I'm just sitting here in my truck waiting on my slot in a tanker wash and looking over the news over at the Drudge Report.  Damned scary time we live in.  Damned scary time to have the weakest presidency in my memory "leading" the free world right now.  Just looking at the news there are continuing problems in Egypt, China, Morrocco, Bahrain, Algiers, Yemen, and Tunisia.

Last year, rioters tried to burn Greece to the ground and a general state of unrest was felt through all of the EU.  This year, North Africa and the middle east is burning and the contagion seems to be trying to gain a foot hold here in the U.S.

All of this unrest and chaos begs a very simple question of me:  "What the HELL is going on?" 

We've got the most self destructive administration in history fiddling while the world burns.  Meanwhile, the First Lady tells everyone what they can and can't eat while stuffing her face with a meal that would feed a third world family for a week.  Our nation is fighting itself while the world collapses and I am trying to understand why we can't seem to get our house in order.  If we do not face the coming fire storm with a united front, we will not survive the conflagration.  We'll burn the same as the other nations are.

On  the other hand, those that survive will be those most suited to survive, so maybe that's not such a bad way to go.  At some point every great forest has to burn to get rid of the dead wood and underbrush that chokes out productive growth.  Perhaps it's time for that kind of cleansing here.  To remove the chaff, so to speak.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Am Sick To Death of Negative News. So... A Reason To Love Oklahoma

One of the most beautiful ladies (not to mention talented) to come from Oklahoma. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Violence In America

I received a drive-by from one of the internet's most obscenely stupid trolls.  He goes by the moniker "Ducky" and he is probably one of the most worthless posters to be found trolling the conservative blogs.  Without even a modicum of intellect, he nevertheless continues to try to spew his ignorance in a vain attempt at placing me and other conservatives on the defence.

The sole reason that I've decided to mention this is that he struck a nerve with me.  Several times since the last Presidential election cycle started, I have warned that I believed that with the political polarity that is running rampant in America today, that bloodshed is a foregone conclusion.  I've neve endorsed violence as a means to an end.  But I do see it as an inevitability.  Nor have I ever said that I believed that conservatives would be the ones that would start the violence.  On the contrary, over the last several years it has been shown over and over that it is and always will be the leftists and statists that will initiate the violence.

Unfortunately, violence must be met with violence.  Statists and leftists are going to push the button on any and all bloodshed that is coming.  But don't be misled, conservatives will not run from adversity no matter who brings it or the manner in which it arrives.

Get yourselves ready for what comes.  Keep your powder dry folks.

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