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I'm a simple man, not a simpleton. The worst thing any of our leaders can do is to get those two things confused. I'm a warrior for those things I believe in. I stand up for my friends, family, God, and country. All I truly want is for the government to stay as far out of my life as I can get it. Oh and just in case you haven't guessed it; I'm conservative in my bones.


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Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Honor For The Oklahoma Patriot

Hey all, just a quick line or three about an honor that came my way this evening. A friend of mine had two beautiful baby boys a couple months ago, and tonight they came by and asked me if I'd like to be their godfather. Now, we aren't Catholic but I still consider it a great honor to be asked. As I understand it, as a godfather it's my job, as it were, to be an emotional/spiritual/moral guide to the boys.

I find this to be one of the most humbling requests that have ever been made of me, and I am very honored and happy to have been the one asked. I hope that I am up to the task. It's no secret that I've lived my life with one foot in heaven and the other in hell. But I'll give it all the effort that the Lord has given me the strength to attempt.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Islam. The Religion Of Peace And Love

I got this video from The Right Scoop.  It fills me with a rage that I can scarcely grasp let alone express.

I swear I'll beat the breath from the next person that tries to play apologist to me where Islam is concerned.  It's a vile, contemptable, debased belief structure without merit or mitigation.  I'd see it extinct if given the opportunity. 

I can see no reason, other than a lack of a moral compass, why anyone would support these beliefs as relevant. 

Best Blog Post

I frequently go to other blogsites to see what my friends are thinking.  Yankeemom is one of my favorites.  Her posts are always well thought out and well documented. This is probably one of the best posts I've read in a while.  So please go by and read the whole article at Yankeemom.  She lays it out without pulling any punches.  The post is called "Revising History Does Not Change Facts".

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reality Hits Home At The Oklahoma Patriot

Yesterday, I took my Dad to the VA in Oklahoma City for a minor outpatient procedure. While I was there, I got into a discussion with a man and his wife about politics. My dad says that I picked this fight, and yeah, I guess I did.

Here's the skinny, this joker and his wife were talking to another veteran and his spouse and was on the receiving end of a story about an old man who built a huge house for himself and his wife after years and years of working himself into the ground and saving. (As a side note, when did thrift become a dirty word in this country?) The couple that was relating the story were in awe of this man and his dedication to working and saving. The couple that this post is truly regarding called him a "nut". Epithets like "crazy" and "selfish" were about the best thing that they had to offer.

That's when I spoke up. I told them that he worked all his life, and saved that money. That since he couldn't take it with him, he was entitled to do with it as he liked. The wife muttered under her breath in disgust that he could have help a lot of people with that kind of money. I beg to differ. You maybe could give a lot of people some hand outs with a couple hundred thousand bucks, but you couldn't do any real lasting good for them. All you do is make people expect handouts. You could pick one or two people, at most, and give them an education, but to what end? What return do you get for your money? How do you know they'd use the education wisely?

Even Christ preached that you should be good stewards of the gifts you're given. God frowns on people that throw away his gifts. To give handouts to people without any form of return is against his teachings and flies in the face of reason. On the other hand, if you gave scholarships to specific colleges that taught conservative ideals, that trained people to be leaders of character and compassion, that would be a truly good thing to do.

However, I would fight for this man's right to do whatever he wished with his money. If a person works hard all his life, saves his money, provides a good home and education for his children, who's business is it what he does with what he has left over?

The rest of our conversation went down hill. This whacked couple actually had the temerity to say that religion and the freedom to reproduce without controls was the soul reason for the state of our woes today.  I looked at my dad and said, loudly, if you ever had a question as to what a Marxist looks like, they're over there.  The couple got up and left. 

It was pretty quiet for a while and then we were called back for my dad's procedure.  I fumed for most of the day as I remembered the derision that they used when talking about "teabaggers" and calling them racists and ignorant.  His callous disregard for any one's point of view that differed from his was astonishing.  His lack of any scope of history was truly amazing.  I truly feel sorry for those that are so soulless as to believe that man has any hope of perfecting the human condition outside of divine providence.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Barry Condemns Himself From His Own Mouth

Traitorous bastard.  Hope he falls down the damn steps and breaks his fool neck.  Don't want him dead, just suffering for as long as it takes this nation to recover from his and his cronies' traitorous actions of the last 16 months.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Patriot Game

The patriot game is a song about the Irish fighter and their desire for reunification and freedom from England.  I find myself sympathetic to the IRA's fight.  233 years ago, our founders fought the same fight, and at the rate our country is rushing to throw away our own freedoms, I can't but wonder how long it will be before we will be writing new songs like this one for OUR fight.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

When Stupidity Meets Social Security

Or Politically Correct Thug Gets Attitude Adjustment.

There are sooo many great headlines I could use for this one. It's been a good 30 minutes since I watched this at Bloviating Zeppelin and I can't stop laughing.

First off, how about NOT engaging your mouth before you have the facts.  And as for the lady with the camera, if you'd have kept your mouth shut, the oompa loompa probably wouldn't have escalated it to the point where he needed to ask the geezer where to get a good set of dentures made.

I'm gonna be laughing about this one all day.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He Said WHAT?!?!?!?

It's about DAMNED time, someone had the cajones to stand up and speak the unvarnished truth. God bless this man. Hooyah! I'd vote for him in a new york minute.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ranting and Raving

I haven't posted anything of importance lately.  This is due, mainly, to the fact that I've gotten so sick and tired of constantly hearing the droning sound of jack-boots marching this nation to oblivion that I've started to block much of it out.  We've got people on our side (allegedly) making nice with rhinos and trying to prop them up.  We've got states taking on the job of the federal government and the same federal government ignoring the initial problem and instead of doing its constitutionally mandated job, securing our national safety and sovereignty, they are more intent with installing themselves in more and more of our daily lives.

I will say this, though; because of what's going on down in Arizona and more recently in Georgia, my prediction is that if the governor there doesn't cave or the courts do during the law suit now pending, then the Arizona sand will be blood red by the end of the summer.  Things are coming to a logger-head between Arizona citizens and the human leeches that are coming across our border.  Personally, I think a state bounty and citizen enforcement laws should be in place to round up and forcibly deport anyone in this nation illegally.  They have NO rights under our constitution and shouldn't be afforded any just because they made it across the damn line.  No nation can long survive if they do not control their borders.  The American Indians taught me that. 

As for those that are still planning marches, please stop.  You're wasting time and money better spent on getting your marksmanship skills and preparations ready. The powers that be, in D.C. at any rate, aren't listening.  They are still making noise, and I suspect making backroom deals to get amnesty put through before the elections. 

I'd really like an answer to this one.  What will you do if they do pass illegal alien amnesty before the election?  Will you continue to march?  Will you still pretend that they are playing by the rules?  They will have shown that they are willing to win by hook or crook.  So, what will you do?

Listen to me!  The federal government as it stands is LOST!  You cannot make them listen. They already hear you, they just don't care.  They are harlots, power mongers, drug dealers, and thieves.  They have no sacred honor or loyalty to the constitution that they swore to uphold.  Given the opportunity and sanction by the people, I'd love to see a bullet put in every traitor that has pissed on the constitution for the last 30 years.  Ted Kennedy at least is already getting what he has coming for him.  Now if the other 350+ reprobate hypocrites would do us all a favor and take a long walk off the top of some tall buildings, I'd be appreciative.

The answer doesn't lie in D.C..  It lies in each of the respective states.  We should be focusing 100% of our energy on retaking what we can in each state.  Then use the power of the states to starve the intestinal parasite called D.C. into submission.  Then and only then can we spray that town for weasels. 

As we focus on our states, counties, and town races, we're going to encounter stiff opposition.  Fine.  Let it come.  I have said before that there will be blood in the streets in America before it's over.  The fight brewing in Arizona is just part of it.  And it IS NECESSARY for it to happen if we are going to ever be able to reclaim our nation for what it was intended.  I'm not saying that we should go out and start it, on the contrary, what I'm saying is that those on the left will force it to happen.  Are you prepared for it?  They're pushing more and more now.  They attack those that turn out to protest against them.  They call us racists, and Nazis.  That kind of hate always breeds violence, and it is going to again.  Personally, I plan to make sure that if (when) it happens here, I and my family will be fine.  God help those that don't prepare.

Now, the things I'm writing will be called seditious by the leftists, and even by some with weak livers on the center-right.  I have to disagree, the definition of sedition is to speak or act against the power of the State.  But here in America, it is a founding principle that ALL power is derived not from the federal government but from the people.  I am not speaking out against the power of the people, or the individual states (whose signors brought the federal government into being).  I am speaking out against usurpers and tyrants who pose as leaders and law-givers.  They have performed act after act of sedition and treason against the constitution.   And for those acts, I pray to God that I'm allowed to see them fall, and fall hard.

To recap, war in America is coming.  Prepare your state for it.  Prepare your town and your family.  Ensure that those that govern your states are of a mind with our founders.  Then when the smoke clears we can clean up and start fresh with our founders' ideals to the fore.

God bless the people of Arizona.  God see you through the dark night that you are experiencing and even through the darker midnight to come.  God bless all true patriots and keep your powder dry.

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