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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reality Hits Home At The Oklahoma Patriot

Yesterday, I took my Dad to the VA in Oklahoma City for a minor outpatient procedure. While I was there, I got into a discussion with a man and his wife about politics. My dad says that I picked this fight, and yeah, I guess I did.

Here's the skinny, this joker and his wife were talking to another veteran and his spouse and was on the receiving end of a story about an old man who built a huge house for himself and his wife after years and years of working himself into the ground and saving. (As a side note, when did thrift become a dirty word in this country?) The couple that was relating the story were in awe of this man and his dedication to working and saving. The couple that this post is truly regarding called him a "nut". Epithets like "crazy" and "selfish" were about the best thing that they had to offer.

That's when I spoke up. I told them that he worked all his life, and saved that money. That since he couldn't take it with him, he was entitled to do with it as he liked. The wife muttered under her breath in disgust that he could have help a lot of people with that kind of money. I beg to differ. You maybe could give a lot of people some hand outs with a couple hundred thousand bucks, but you couldn't do any real lasting good for them. All you do is make people expect handouts. You could pick one or two people, at most, and give them an education, but to what end? What return do you get for your money? How do you know they'd use the education wisely?

Even Christ preached that you should be good stewards of the gifts you're given. God frowns on people that throw away his gifts. To give handouts to people without any form of return is against his teachings and flies in the face of reason. On the other hand, if you gave scholarships to specific colleges that taught conservative ideals, that trained people to be leaders of character and compassion, that would be a truly good thing to do.

However, I would fight for this man's right to do whatever he wished with his money. If a person works hard all his life, saves his money, provides a good home and education for his children, who's business is it what he does with what he has left over?

The rest of our conversation went down hill. This whacked couple actually had the temerity to say that religion and the freedom to reproduce without controls was the soul reason for the state of our woes today.  I looked at my dad and said, loudly, if you ever had a question as to what a Marxist looks like, they're over there.  The couple got up and left. 

It was pretty quiet for a while and then we were called back for my dad's procedure.  I fumed for most of the day as I remembered the derision that they used when talking about "teabaggers" and calling them racists and ignorant.  His callous disregard for any one's point of view that differed from his was astonishing.  His lack of any scope of history was truly amazing.  I truly feel sorry for those that are so soulless as to believe that man has any hope of perfecting the human condition outside of divine providence.


gramma2many said...

Don't you just want to know how much they have given to any charity?
Good for you for standing up to their ignorance. Wish I could have been there to encourage you:)

Greywolfe said...

He did make the statement that he didn't pay any taxes, so I would guess that he didn't have much to pay alms with either.

Thanks for the kudos gramma.

Always On Watch said...


Sadly, many people in American today think like that couple.

I also note the moral tone to their argument. This is one of the most insidious of arguments to counter. Frankly, in my experience, those who argue in favor of Marxism by used a moral argument are impossible to convince of their error and even their underlying ideology.

I wonder if that couple even knows that their walking the line with Karl Marx?

Z said...

Oh, I'm SO glad I read this..GOOD JOB, Greywolfe...more people need to hear what you said..MANY MORE. How DARE these people? Bravo, you're such a patriot.

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