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I'm a simple man, not a simpleton. The worst thing any of our leaders can do is to get those two things confused. I'm a warrior for those things I believe in. I stand up for my friends, family, God, and country. All I truly want is for the government to stay as far out of my life as I can get it. Oh and just in case you haven't guessed it; I'm conservative in my bones.


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Monday, February 8, 2010

Not A Rule 5 Blog. Just In Love. Sort Of.

First off, let me just say, "Yes, I'm a complete hypocrite." I am one of those guys that absolutely refuses to write or post a "Rule 5" blog, but then go out and click on every freaking link posted by anyone that comes under a Rule 5 search. Yeah, I get it, I'm shallow and superficial. But normally, I stay in the closet with my Rule 5 maladjustment. However, it came to me tonight that if my wife ever tires of me, I have two new candidates for the next ex-Mrs. Greywolfe.

The first is a new addition over at WND.Com. Her name is DJ Dolce. Sue me, I'm a sucker for comediennes. Especially cute ones, with a slightly gothic look. The fact she's a Christian also works in her favor. To recap: She's cute, funny, and a Christian.... Yeah, I'm sold.

The next girl is a comedienne also, but I must admit, not nearly as cute. But she too gets points for being conservative, so I'll keep her in the running if the afore mentioned tragic ousting of the Greywolfe administration by the alpha female ever happens... It's none other than Jody Miller from Newsbusters.org. I can't get the embed to work so I'll just link one.


Joe said...

I told my wife that if she ever leaves me, I'm going with her.

WomanHonorThyself said...

great bloggers out there but bet your wife beats them all!

M. Rigmaiden said...

GW, what is a rule 5 blog?

Greywolfe said...

Hey Disa, A man named Robert Stacy McCain wrote a set of blog rules for getting your hits on your site up. Rule 5, which seems to be taking off on a lot of blogs, is to post pictures of beautiful people (women specifically. Although I've noticed some eye candy for women being posted.)

M. Rigmaiden said...

Oh thanks for letting me know;)

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