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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Great Site. Please Visit

I don't normally tell people to check out other blogs as a matter of course. If I started doing that, you'd have absolutely no reason to come visit. But for this one, I make an exception. Please check out The Right Scoop. It's a great conservative media resourse.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Politically Incorrect History Correction

I got into a discussion a couple weeks back with my children concerning presidents and who we thought was the best and worst. When my youngest son asked me who I thought the worst president in history was my oldest responded with a laugh, "It has to be Obama, Dad thinks he's a putz!" (Ah from the mouths of babes.) But alas, I had to dash his absolute faith in his opinion of my political standing. Then I sent their eyebrows into their hair line with my answer...

And now I'm going to do the same here. You see, if I have to pick the absolutely WORST president in history, I have to give that dubious honor to Abraham Lincoln. Yeah, you read that right, "Honest Abe" is the worst person that has ever inhabited the Oval Office. Now, before my friends start trying to tar and feather me, let's look at the reasons that he is so adored.

First, he's given sole credit for ending slavery. Second, he's credited for saving the union. To both of these I have to point out that this is the largest steaming load of bovine scatology that the liberal education system has ever pulled down on our collective heads. And no one has the fruit of the looms to point out the truth: Abraham Lincoln was the epitome of all the things that our Founders left.

So let's take a look at what people would see if they looked past what the liberals in the government run schools pour into our heads when we don't have the brains to look deeper. I'll assault the second horse turd, first. He was a nationalist in that he believed that the federal government's authority took precedence over the states' rights. Second, he destroyed state sovereignty and opened the door for the abuses that the states are now being subjected to by waging an illegal and unconstitutional war against the southern states and completely suppressing and oppressing them into accepting rule by the north. Many of those states had seceded before he came to office. James Buchanan didn't agree that the states had the right to secede but he did rightly believe that the federal government did not have the authority to do anything about it. Lincoln believed that the ends (saving the union) justified the means (illegal war) regardless of the cost.

Next, he's credited for ending slavery. Bull. The fact of the matter is, if he had just let the south go, in roughly the same time frame slavery would have died on it's own by natural forces. Abolitionist groups and sentiments were going through the roof prior to the illegitimately named "civil war". Take the infamous Dred Scott decision. The southern courts had freed him and the northern courts had him put back in chains.

If you take these things into your head and really look at him through this prism, you begin to see Lincoln for what he was, a nationalist despot. And the Congress of the time was run by the Republican version of what we now have in the Dems. Out of control power mad men, hell bent on pushing through their agenda regardless of the cost to the states. Then look at the most famous of his speeches, The Gettysburg Address, the last lines of it were the most hypocritical lines ever written in light of the illegal war and suppression of freedom that he was engaged.

We've had terrible presidents since his death, no doubt about it. But none of them would have been possible were it not for his destruction of state sovereignty, in the first place. He is credited for saving the union but in doing so, he destroyed the freedom that he touted so much in the above mentioned address. And really, which is more precious, our country? Or the freedoms that our country is supposed to protect and nurture?

American Gutcheck: Epic Fail

What is the average American willing to sacrifice to make our nation back away from the present course? I argue that I and those other few like me that the government sees as radicals (I am by the way) are few and far between. I've been taking stock of my life and my fortitude and have asked myself, "What is my Liberty worth? What am I willing to lose in order to force the government back on the path our Founders originally set us on?" I know the answer for myself. Give me a state full of people like myself, and I'll show you a state that the feds and leftists will avoid like the black plague. So would drug dealers, armed robbers, and dead-beats.

Most people think that they're willing to do what's necessary. I beg to disagree. Most, in my never to be humble opinion, are all talk and wind. I'm not going to call anyone out, I'll let you decide for yourself, about yourself. Here's a few examples of what some of the valiant men that signed the Declaration of Independance went through and how much they were willing to sacrifice to gain what we have so cheerfully abandoned.

First off, all 56 signers of the illegal and treasonous Declaration of Independance faced death by hanging for Treason.

Francis Lewis had his home and estate plundered. His wife was captured and brutalized, later dying from the effects of bad treatment.

William Floyd and his family were unable to return to their pillaged home for seven years.

Philip Livingston was forced to leave his family and died alone in 1778.

Lewis Morris and family spent the entire war in exile, their vast estate and fortune destroyed.

"Honest John" Hart left his dying wife and 13 children behind, hiding in caves and forests. Years later he returned to find his wife's grave, his 13 children gone. He died alone, a broken man in 1779.

Richard Stockton was brutally beaten upon capture, and mistreated in prison. He died in 1781 a despondent 51 year-old.

Robert Morris lent his vast fortune and credit to the cause. He died broke in 1806.

William Ellery had his home and property looted.

Thomas Lynch Jr. sought vacation to aid his failing health, dying in a shipwreck.

Thomas Heyward, Edward Rutledge and Arthur Middleton lost their vast fortunes while in prison. Mrs. Heyward died while her husband was imprisoned.

Thomas Nelson Jr., despite failing health, served as a commander in the militia, and spent his personal fortune on the cause. At the battle of Yorktown, he ordered his own home destroyed by cannon fire while it was occupied by the British.

Abraham Clark was notified his two sons were captured and being brutally tortured while in prison. The British offered Clark his two sons freedom if he would renounce his signature on the Declaration of Independence. With a heavy heart he answered, "NO."

Read through that list again. I'm absolutely sure that it isn't a complete list, but I'm equally sure that it is enough to let you know the depth of their character and conviction. What are you willing to give? If it's one iota less than them, I suggest you accept that nothing that is said or written about the bastardization of our republic will change by any act that you do. If you are willing to give everything to restore the tree of liberty, then join with others like yourselves. Organize with like-minded patriots. And prepare for the time when you will be called on to do exactly what our founders did.

Understand me, and I do hope I am wrong, but the evidence of the past is clear, they (Leftists, statists, Marxists, whatever you want to label them) will not allow their time in power to fall flat on its face with a mid-term election. Each cycle, they get more and more sofisticated at voter fraud and intimidation at the polling places. This next November will be worse than the last, I promise you that. And when the dust clears, and the smoke settles, the Courts will back the Leftists and we'll find ourselves with less and less freedom.

And let's pretend for a moment that I am wrong. That the leftists and Marxists will have seen the light and decided to accept a clean vote, shouldn't we all STILL be willing to guard our Freedom and Liberty with absolutely 100% of our fortitude, sagacity, and pertinacity, and in the last defense, with our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Worse Than Death

I'm switching gears a bit today. No rants about the Tyranny that we live under or the idiots in the media that carry the water for our federal chain-holders. Today, I want to talk about a life lesson I learned just recently. At the age of 39, I am finding that there are indeed worse things in life than to have taken the path I did.

A very few weeks ago, I took part of my family to the movies to see a couple of flicks. After mine was over, I and my wife were waiting in the lobby for my children's movie to get out. They watched Avatar, by themselves because I wouldn't. Yet another tree-hugger movie full of liberal propaganda. But that's getting off the point and I will not allow myself to indulge in that tangent right now.

At any rate, my wife and I are waiting on the rug-rats when my uncle walks by. I didn't recognize him because it had been 20 years since I'd really seen him last. My mother's funeral not included. I honestly don't remember much about that day, I was still 3/4ths insane at the time. At any rate, my wife pointed him out to me and I followed him outside.

He broke my heart. He and my mother were not terribly close. He traveled a lot working for the Customs Dept. and there was some bad blood from way back that I never did get a straight answer from my mother about, before she died. While we talked, the surprise and gratitude that he showed me stunned me. I am left at a loss for words to describe the hunger for a relationship that I felt radiating from him. I felt then, that there were a huge number of regrets in his life that were weighing on him.

This morning furthered that belief immensely. I met him as I was getting some items from a local parts store for my truck. He came in and I struck up a conversation again. He seems to be genuinely over-joyed each time I take the time to speak to him. He said that he had some pictures that he dug out after my last conversation with him and he wanted to give them to me. When I told him that I'd love to come over to get them, he said that he was looking forward to the opportunity to have a joyous occasion.

Merely my wanting to come to his house and go through old pictures was a "joyous occasion". Stunned doesn't even come close. After he gave me his number and I entered mine into his cell phone for him, I turned to leave and he apologized for taking up my time. I turned fully back to him and said, "Uncle, you are never going to be taking up my time, we're family." He lost it and started crying. " I really hope we can make it so." I told him that as far as I was concerned it already was.

He was still trying to get himself under control when I left. To reach old age and look back and see the chains of bad decisions and regrets for opportunities lost must be horrendous. Their weight must be oppressive to the point of despair. There are truly worse things than death. I think that my mother's brother envies her some days.

I will try to add some bright spots to my uncles life, and to inject my family into his at every opportunity I can get. And I will pray that he learns to forgive himself.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blogging Rant For The New Year

Well, it's been a Hell of a year end. My wife lost her mother and I started a new job after spending almost 5 months out of work thanks to my company going under. But that's old hat, so I won't be writing about that. Instead, I want to write about some of the things that are pissing me off the most right now. Conservatives.

Oh, that made some eye brows go up. Yes, conservatives are pissing me off, right now. Actually, they have been since the march on Washington this summer. It should have become apparent then that no amount of talking, phoning our congressmen or senators, or letter writing and demonstrations were going to do any good. Hell, check my posts for last April and I told you then that it wouldn't work. I've said this before, when a people loses their ability to have their voices heard they have to get their government's attention. There is a natural progression for this and I've run through that too. But the conservatives in this country seem to have lost their nerve. They called and wrote letters. They went to tea party rallies. They even squirled up the courage for the largest, and as far as I can tell, first conservative march on Washington, D.C.

And what did they have to show for all of it? Exactly nothing. They were ignored by those in power and those that carry their water. Not once have I heard a 9/12 group or Tea Party group talk about marching on the capitol building with intention of shutting it down. Or even to have a mass show of PEACEFUL force, by having everyone that went to the march on D.C. repeat it with a loaded dear rifle slung on their back. Loaded but not brandished. Nothing to get the point across. Now we are coming into the next election cycle and the optimism that I am reading from politically right wing blogs on the chances of taking the congress back is really starting to irritate me for its simplistic views.

Do I expect the GOP to pick up a few house seats and even bust the 60 vote majority of the Senate? Sure. Mid-term elections always go bad for the party in power. Will that allow the Republicans to remove what the Leftist have done? Of course not. Any bill that was put through to Barry would be summarily vetoed and no way could a 3/4ths majority be mustered to over-ride the veto. So, we and our future generations are still screwed.

And that's assuming that you expect the Libs to fight fair and actually let the voting process take a natural course. Every year the Leftists get better and better at rigging elections and perfecting how to get away with it. I would like to point out that the Black Panthers that tried to bully one precinct with weapons, was never prosecuted by the Federal or state governments. In November, we can expect much more of the same. And yet, I've not heard of one organization that has any plans to do more than roll over for it the way they did for that ass-hat comedian (alleged. Personally I've never laughed at a single one of his jokes) in the Senate.

We have lost that fire in our belly that told us we were a free people and that we would place that above our lives, our comforts, and our petty concerns for personal gain. We think that because we've marched and called and written letters, that these people are going to respect us and our opinion enough to turn around? Face the facts folks. The whole damned playhouse is busted. According to the Declaration of Independence, when a government has become tyrannical, it is the DUTY and OBLIGATION of the People to throw down that government and remake it to preserve our GOD-GIVEN rights.

At some point in the recent past, I have gone through a metamorphosis of a sort. I am still a patriot, I love this country. But I no longer hold any love or affection for the government in power. It is a bastardized half-image of what our Founders wanted. It must be remade. So, my prayers have changed from a returning of our government to the founders path, to a prayer for dissolving of the union through secession and a remaking of it. A Much more bloody path to be sure, but one that will ultimately be more effective at renewing the tree of liberty.

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