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I'm a simple man, not a simpleton. The worst thing any of our leaders can do is to get those two things confused. I'm a warrior for those things I believe in. I stand up for my friends, family, God, and country. All I truly want is for the government to stay as far out of my life as I can get it. Oh and just in case you haven't guessed it; I'm conservative in my bones.


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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving And Other Things

I tried for days to think of what I would like to have written about concerning Thanksgiving without ever catching on that one thing that no other blogs had written about. Most of the conservative blogs I visited spoke to our thanks to God for this great (if declining) nation and the opportunities our families and ourselves have enjoyed. I've seen blogs give thanks (deservedly so) for our troops that continue to put themselves in harms way. And not a few have tried to remind us that our families are our greatest blessings and should be cherished.

All true. I don't want to merely blog here and regurgitate the same old lines and topics that others spout. That has never been what this blog was supposed to be. So, here is what I came to in addition to what others have rightly posted.

I am thankful for my God, Country, Family, and Friends. I am thankful for those that have come and gone home before me. There will come a time in the future, and not so distant a future at that, that I will leave the fights and struggles of this world and assume room temperature, finishing my race finally taking my rest. I am truly thankful for that assurance, granted to me by grace. I'm thankful that I didn't have to try to earn it, but only accept the Truth and bend my knee with humility. My Lord takes care of the rest.

I was brought to this topic because today is a special day to me. Five years ago , I set down with my mother for our last Thanksgiving meal together. Afterwards, I took her to the Hospital and they admitted her with pneumonia. Three days later, five years ago today, she passed away. I miss her terribly and will all of my days. But I envy her, also. She was the very picture perfect example of redemption through grace.

I went to her gravesite today, and was struck by the fact that it was empty. Somehow that just didn't seem right, so I went and bought a candle and roses to put at her grave. Don't know how the fire marshal will feel about me leaving an open flame burning out there, but I wanted to shine a light for her. She placed a permanant light in my heart and in all those that knew her. She wasn't perfect by human standards, but she had an overwhelming love for Christ, and also for her family. I miss her with a desperation that feels like an open wound. But I wouldn't bring her back to this old world of pain for any price.

God bless you mom. I'll be following along soon enough, but I'm not done yet.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Thoughts On Recent Events

As I was looking back over the news of the last week, I can honestly say that there isn't one thing that I've read or listened to that I find even remotely surprising. I've been on the record many times both here and on other sites as saying that the push to further socialize medicine wouldn't stop. Even when, back in August, many were shouting that we'd beaten them and that the Dems were in full retreat. I said then that they weren't retreating, they were just slowing to give that impression. Here we are a mere 3 months later and just as I said then, there is steady progress towards the socialization of 1/5 of the American economy.

The fact is, there is nothing that the American public is willing to do to stop this from happening. Oh, many of my fellow conservatives are religious about blogging, writing their congressmen and senators, and even some have taken the unprecedented effort to actually march on Washington, D.C. or in a local Tea Party. Very nice, what have you got to show for your continued efforts and outlay of money? Silence is truly deafening.

Here's the facts as I see it. The socialists who hold power are in a very unique position. They hold Congress, the Presidency, and have the support of an activist Judiciary. They know that if they don't push with everything they have, there is no way that they will get the opportunity in the future. They know that they must continue to make progress to get at least one of their three planks of their socialist agenda passed.

If they do get this boondoggle through (and of course they will) then from this point forward you can expect further erosion of the freedoms that we have long taken for granted. The government has already taken to strong arming private company CEO's and private bond holders. As well as seizing private industries and nationalizing them. I cannot see anything that they would stop at doing if it kept their agenda moving forward.

Some of you are at this point asking what my point is. Simple, stop doing what doesn't work. Start refocusing your efforts on your state's government. For instance, the right of Nullification is probably not even being taught to our children. We need to educate our leaders and push for nullification movements across the nation. Also, the right of secession should be spoken out loud in public forums as much as possible. Every state has that right and the time is coming to educate and support those factions in our states.

I have also noticed, now and in the past, that many of you are looking to the next elections to fix whatever they do now. To this line of thought I'll just point out 2 things. First, I challenge anyone to come up with one socialist program that has ever been voted out by an incoming opposition party. Can't come up with one? Exactly. And secondly, do you really think that the Dems and their lackeys are going to allow fair elections? Each cycle they come closer to perfecting their means of stealing elections.

Lastly I will say this and then call it a night. I and others from my area are in the process of forming a local militia group for education and training for what must come. Our nation must remember what it meant to be an American back when we were in our youth as a nation. We must find that conviction, strength, and vigor and use it to retake our nation from the vipers that have usurped power they have no rights to wield. No longer will mere talking be useful as a means of coercing the enemies of Liberty. Civil disobedience is the next step followed closely by armed uprising.

That is the nature of the times in which we live. Each of you must make a decision: Either submit and remain quiet while our nation becomes the next socialist oligarchy or prepare for actions that will brand all patriots as extremists, criminals, and traitors. To either go quietly into that long night that all other great societies have finally gone, or be prepared to take a stand regardless of the cost.

Find or found a local militia. Train for war and educate on the foundations of this nation. Give them the tools to engage in debate as well as the martial knowledge needed to defend one's freedom and life. But decide and do it quickly.

Update On The New Job

Well, as I remember, I said that I'd be back to posting in five short days. That was over 3 weeks ago. So, here's the skinny on my new position. I've taken a job for a local company as a truck driver. Any idea I may have entertained that this would be a 40 hour, 5 day a week job, was brutally slaughtered by the end of my 2nd day out on the road.

In my first two weeks on the job I logged over 5600 miles. So that's the reason I haven't been on. The 1 day that I was off during my first 2 weeks, I slept most of it. It appears that 3 months out of a truck has made me a bit soft.

Anyways, for those that have asked, yes I'm still here. And yes, I am still watching and noting what's going on in the news. More on that in the next post. The long and the short of it is this, the lives and livelihood of the Ent household are secure once again.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Folks, I'm going to be out of pocket for the next 5 days or so... I have overcome the Obamafication of the Economy and the subsequent loss of my previous job. But it requires me to go over the road so I won't be able to post here until next weekend.

Have a good week and God's speed to you all.

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