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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honor Killings: The Truth the Left Won't Face

I would love to take credit for the information I post here but I can't . It is being checked by myself, but as the topic on several different blogs have talked about this, I feel that it is good information to date, however, if I find any part of it to be erroneous I will, of course, remove and correct the posting.

An honor killing is the murder of a family or clan member by one or more fellow family members, when the murderers (and potentially the wider community) believe the victim to have brought dishonour upon the family, clan, or community, normally by (a) utilizing dress codes unacceptable to certain people or (b) engaging in certain sexual acts. These killings result from the perception that defense of honour justifies killing a person whose behavior dishonours their clan or family.
The United Nations Population Fund estimates that the annual worldwide total of honour-killing victims may be as high as 5,000.
Human Rights Watch defines "honor killings" as follows: Honor crimes are acts of violence, usually murder, committed by male family members against female family members, who are held to have brought dishonor upon the family. A woman can be targeted by (individuals within) her family for a variety of reasons, including: refusing to enter into an arranged marriage, being the victim of a sexual assault, seeking a divorce” even from an abusive husband” or (allegedly) committing adultery. The mere perception that a woman has behaved in a way that "dishonors" her family is sufficient to trigger an attack on her life. It should be noted that the loose term honor killing applies to killing of both males and females in cultures that practice it. For example, during the year 2002 in Pakistan, it is estimated that 245 women and 137 men were killed in the name of Karo-Kari in Sindh. These killings target women and men who choose to have relationships outside of their family's tribal affiliation and/or religious community.
Some women who bridge social divides, publicly engage other communities, or adopt some of the customs or the religion of an outside group may thus also be attacked. In countries that receive immigration, some otherwise low-status immigrant men and boys have asserted their dominant patriarchal status by inflicting honor killings on women family members who have participated in public life, for example in feminist and integration politics. Women in the family do support the honor killing of one of their own, when they agree that the family is the property and asset of men and boys. Alternatively, matriarchs may be motivated not by personal belief in the misogynistic ideology of women as property, but rather by tragically pragmatic calculations. Sometimes a mother may support an honor killing of an "offending" female family member in order to preserve the honor of other female family members since many men in these societies will refuse to marry the sister of a "shamed" female whom the family has not chosen to punish, thereby "purifying" the family name by murdering the suspected female.
There is some evidence that homosexuality can also be perceived as grounds for honor killing by relatives. In one case, a gay Jordanian man who was shot and wounded by his brother. In another case, a homosexual Turkish student, Ahmet Yildiz, who was shot outside a cafe and later died in hospital. His friends believe that he "was the victim of the country's first gay honor killing."

Honour suicides
A recent phenomenon of Honour suicides occurs in Turkey. There has been many cases when people order or pressure a woman to kill herself; this may be done so that the people avoid penalties for murdering her. A special envoy for the named Yakin Erturk, who was sent to Turkey to investigate suspicious suicides amongst Kurdish girls, was quoted by The New York Times as saying that some suicides appeared in Kurdish-inhabited regions of Turkey to be "honour killings disguised as a suicide or an accident."

Over 80 Iraqi women in Diyala province committed suicide, to escape the shame of having been raped. They choose to become suicide bombers to escape the shame; startlingly, their rapes were planned in advance by 51 year old Iraqi woman Samira Jassam, who confessed to Iraqi police that she organised their rapes so she could later persuade each of them that to become a suicide bomber was the only way to escape their shame.

According to the UN in 2002: "The report of the Special Rapporteur ... concerning cultural practices in the family that are violent towards women (E/CN.4/2002/83), indicated that honour killings had been reported in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Punjab, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, Yemen, and other Mediterranean and Persian Gulf countries, and that they had also taken place in western countries such as France, Germany and the United Kingdom, within migrant communities. "There is a strong positive correlation between violence against women, and women's social power and equality; and a baseline of development, associated with access to basic resources, health care, and human capital, such as literacy - as research by Richard G. Wilkinson shows. In a male dominated society, there is more inequality between men, and women lose out not just physically and economically, but crucially because men who feel subordinated will often try to regain a sense of their authority in turn by excessive subordination of those below them, i.e. women. (Interestingly, he says that in male-dominated societies, not only do women suffer more violence, and worse health: but so do men.)
According to Widney Brown, advocacy director for Human Rights Watch, the practice "goes across cultures and across religions."
In 2005 Der Spiegel Newspaper reports: 'In the past four months, six Muslim women living in Berlin have been brutally murdered by family members', and goes on to cover the case of Hatun - killed by her brother for not staying with her husband of forced marriage, but of 'living like a German'. Precise statistics on how many women die every year in such honor killings are hard to come by, as many crimes are never reported, said Myria Boehmecke of the Tuebingen-based women's group Terre des Femmes which, among other things, tries to protect Muslim girls and women from oppressive families. The Turkish women's organization Papatya has documented 40 instances of honor killings in Germany since 1996. Hatun's brother and murderer, was convicted of murder and jailed for nine years and three months by a German court in 2006.
Every year in the UK, about 13 women are victims of honour killing, occurring almost exclusively to date within Asian and Middle Eastern families and often cases are unresolved due to the unwillingness of family, relatives and communities to testify. A 2006 BBC poll for the Asian network in the UK found that 1 in 10 of the 500 young Asians polled said that they could condone the murder of someone who dishonoured their family In the UK, in December 2005, Nazir Afzal, Director, West London, of Britain's Crown Prosecution Service, stated that the United Kingdom has seen "at least a dozen honour killings" between 2004 and 2005. While precise figures do not exist for the perpetrators' cultural backgrounds, Diana Nammi of the UK's Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation is reported to have said: "about two-thirds are Muslim. Yet they can also be Hindu, Sikh and even eastern European."
Another well known case was of Heshu Yones, who was stabbed to death by her father when her family heard a love song dedicated to her and suspected she had a boyfriend. (Some news sources attribute this to a different woman, and others claim that she was killed after being lured to Pakistan.) Another girl suffered a similar fate in Turkey.
Middle East
In April 2008 it came to light that some months prior, a Saudi woman was killed by her father for chatting on Facebook to a man. The murder only came to light when a Saudi Cleric referred to the case in an attempt to demonstrate the 'strife' that the website 'causes'.
A June 2008 Report by the Turkish Prime Ministry's Human Rights Directorate, says that in Istanbul alone, there is one honour killing every week; and reports over 1,000 during the last 5 years. It adds that metropolitan cities are the location of many of these.
UNICEF reported that in the Gaza strip and the West bank that "According to 1999 estimates, more than two-thirds of all murders were most likely 'honour' killings."
In 2003 James Emery (adjunct professor of anthropology at Metropolitan State College of Denver and expert on Afghan politics and the Taliban) wrote: In the Palestinian communities of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Israel, and Jordan, women are executed in their homes, in open fields, and occasionally in public, sometimes before crowds of cheering onlookers. Honor killings account for virtually all of the murders of Palestinian women in these areas.
As many as 133 women were killed in the Iraqi city of Basra alone in 2006 -- 79 for violation of "Islamic teachings" and 47 for honour killings, according to IRIN, the news branch of the U.N.'s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Amnesty International claims honour killings are also conducted by armed groups, not the government, upon politically active women and those who did not follow a strict dress code, as well as women who are perceived as human rights defenders.
In Israel, an Arab honour killer was punished in March 2008 by being sentenced to jail for 16 years over [the] 'honour killing' of his sister" in the Hamda Abu Ghanem case.
Jordan is considered to one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East yet they still allow honor killings to be practiced. Under articles 340 and 98, there is very little justice shown to women. In Jordan there is minimal gender discrimination and women are permitted to vote but men are not punished or have a minimal punishments for killing their wives or female family members if they have brought dishonor to their family. Families often have sons who are considered minors, under the age of 18, to commit the honor killings. A loophole in the juvenile law allows minors to serve time in a juvenile detention centre and they are released with a clean criminal record at the age of 18. Rana Husseini, a leading journalist on the topic of honor killings, states that under the existing law, people found guilty of committing honor killings often receive sentences as light as six months in prison. There has been much outcry in Jordan for the amendment of Article 340 and 98. In 1999, King Abdullah created a council to review the gender inequalities in the country. The Council returned with a recommendation to repeal Article 340. The cabinet approved the recommendation, the measure was presented to parliament twice in November 1999 and January 2000 and in both cases, though approved by the upper house, it failed to pass the elected lower house. In 2001 after parliament was suspended, a number of temporary laws were created which were subject to parliamentary ratification. One of the amendments was that husbands would no longer be exonerated for murdering unfaithful wives, but instead the circumstances would be considered as evidence for mitigating punishments. Also to continue with the efforts of creating gender equality, women were given the same reduction in punishment if found guilty of the crime. But parliament returned to session in 2003 and the ratifications were rejected by the lower house after two successful readings in the upper house.
North America
A 2007 study by Dr. Amin Muhammad of . Amnesty International's report noted "the failure of the authorities to prevent these killings by investigating and punishing the perpetrators." Recent cases include that of three teenage girls who were buried alive after refusing arranged marriages. Another case was that of Taslim Khatoon Solangi, 17, of Hajna Shah village in Khairpur district, which became widely reported after the graphic account of her father 57-year-old Gul Sher Solangi, who allegedly tortured and murdered his eight months pregnant daughter on March 7 on the orders of her father-in-law, who accused her of carrying a child conceived out of wedlock. Statistically, honor killings enjoy high level of support in Pakistani society, despite widespread condemnation from human rights groups. In 2002 alone, over According to Reuters, about 382 people were killed in the name of honor (karo-kari) in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Of these, 245 were women and 137 were men. Over the course of six years, over 4,000 women have fallen victim to this practice in Pakistan from 1999-2004. Pakistani lawmakers have controversially used Islamic scripture to support honor killings. More recently (in 2005), the average annual number of honor killings for the whole nation ran up to more than 10,000 per year. According to woman rights advocates, The concepts of women as property and honor are so deeply entrenched in the social, political and economic fabric of Pakistan that the government, for the most part, ignores the daily occurrences of women being killed and maimed by their families." Frequently, women murdered in "honour" killings are recorded as having committed suicide or died in accidents.

Honour killing as a cultural practice
Sharif Kanaana, professor of anthropology at An Amnesty International statement adds: "The regime of honor is unforgiving: women on whom suspicion has fallen are not given an opportunity to defend themselves, and family members have no socially acceptable alternative but to remove the stain on their honor by attacking the woman." Hina Jilani, lawyer and human rights activist said this, "The right to life of women in Pakistan is conditional on their obeying social norms and traditions."
A July 2008 Turkish study by a team from Dicle University on honor killings in the Southeastern Anatolia Region has so far shown that little if any social stigma is attached to the act. It also comments that the practise is not related to a feudal societal structure, "there are also perpetrators who are well-educated university graduates. Of all those surveyed, 60 percent are either high school or university gradates or at the very least, literate."
Honour killing in national legal codes
According to the report of the Special Rapporteur submitted to the 58th session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (2002) concerning cultural practices in the family that reflect violence against women (E/CN.4/2002/83):
The Special Rapporteur indicated that there had been contradictory decisions with regard to the honour defense in Brazil, and that legislative provisions allowing for partial or complete defense in that context could be found in the penal codes of Argentina, Ecuador, Egypt, Guatemala, Iran, Israel, Jordan, span id="SPELLING_ERROR_54" class="blsp-spelling-error">flagrante delicto (but without premeditation) include:
Syria: Article 548 states that "He who catches his wife or one of his ascendants, descendants or sister committing adultery (flagrante delicto) or illegitimate sexual acts with another and he killed or injured one or both of them benefits from an exemption of penalty."
Countries that allow husbands to kill only their wives in flagrante delicto (based upon the Napoleonic code) include: Morocco: Revisions to Morocco's criminal code in 2003 helped improve women's legal status by eliminating unequal sentencing in adultery cases. Article 418 of the penal code granted extenuating circumstances to a husband who murders, injures, or beats his wife and/or her partner, when catching them in flagrante delicto while committing adultery. While this article has not been repealed, the penalty for committing this crime is at least now the same for both genders. In two Latin American countries, similar laws were struck down over the past two decades: according to human rights lawyer Julie Mertus "in Brazil, until 1991 wife killings were considered to be noncriminal 'honor killings'; in just one year, nearly eight hundred husbands killed their wives. Similarly, in Colombia, until 1980, a husband legally could kill his wife for committing adultery."

Countries where honour killing is not legal but is known to occur include:
Turkey: In Turkey, persons found guilty of this crime are sentenced to life in prison. There are well documented cases, where Turkish courts have sentenced whole families to life imprisonment for an honour killing. The most recent was on January 13, 2009, where a Turkish Court sentenced five members of the same Kurdish family to life imprisonment for the "honour killing" of Naile Erdas, 16, who got pregnant as a result of rape.
Iraqi Kurdistan: In Kurdistan, women are killed nearly every day for 'dishonoring' their families] Honor killing was legal until 2002 in Iraq
Pakistan: Honour killings are known as Karo Kari. The practice is supposed to be prosecuted under ordinary murder, but in practice police and prosecutors often ignore it. Often a man must simply claim the killing was for his honor and he will go free. Nilofar Bakhtiar, advisor to Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, stated that in 2003, as many as 1,261 women were murdered in honor killings. On December 8, 2004, under international and domestic pressure, Pakistan enacted a law that made honour killings punishable by a prison term of seven years, or by the death penalty in the most extreme cases. Women's rights organizations were, however, wary of this law as it stops short of outlawing the practice of allowing killers to buy their freedom by paying compensation to the victim's relatives. Women's rights groups claimed that in most cases it is the victim's immediate relatives who are the killers, so inherently the new law is just eyewash. It did not alter the provisions whereby the accused could negotiate pardon with the victim's family under the Islamic provisions. In March 2005 the Pakistani parliament rejected a bill which sought to strengthen the law against the practice of honour killing. However, the bill was brought up again, and in November 2006, it passed. It is doubtful whether or not the law would actually help women.
Egypt: A number of studies on honour crimes by The Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, includes one which reports on Egypt's legal system, noting a gender bias in favor of men in general, and notably article 17 of the Penal Code : judicial discretion to allow reduced punishment in certain circumstance, often used in honour killings case.

Help! I Think I'm Drowning

Ok. So today I was looking through the various and sundry news outlets and I have become overwhelmed by the sheer negativity of ALL of it. Not just from the mainstream media outlets, but from conservative sites as well. No matter where I look, it's "doom and gloom". A couple of things right off the top: 'Obama diplomacy will give Iran nukes' Ex-Mossad chief warns Tehran stalling,worries about president's 'learning curve' or this one, DEEP BREATH: Obama Expected to Regulate Carbon Dioxide? If you don't think that this is bad news, just ask yourself what the result of the federal governments past intrusions have been on automakers. And especially now, with the Big 3 all but sinking thanks to government involvement. I don't care if you are talking about cafe standards or unthinkably insane union contracts, the government's intervention is a large part of the fiscal woes of our automakers.

How about this hum-dinger, Syria building chemical weapons plant'Satellite images of facility identified as al-Safir taken by several sources--Jerusalem Post. Or if you want something a little closer to home... South Texas gangs compete to work for cartel'It's like a bidding war for a contract. It's not something you just get'.

Everywhere I look, our nation and its future is crumbling. Socialism is being driven down our throats and there are trial balloons being floated everywhere about further attacks on our liberty, such as the "fairness doctrine" or some other incarnation of the same ideas. Gun control bills that track purchases of ammunition by ID and address, not to mention mandating licensing and registration of firearms. Illegals are sueing American citizens for detaining them on HIS OWN land and the government allows it. Our borders are exploding with Mexican drug gangs and in all of this the President sits back and fiddles while Rome burns.

The only bright piece of news this past week was the return of agents Ramos and Compean to their families. Finally, America's only two political prisoners are freed from unjust imprisonment. I am truly happy for their families and wish only the best for them. But as I said, that is the only bright point in a week, month, or year of bad news on top of bad news.

So, yeah, I feel as if I'm drowning. It's as if every post I've ever written about the demise of this country is playing out and no matter how loud we, as Conservatives rant and rave, no one is listening. No one is willing to step up and shout down the socialists, marxists, maoists, communists and other idiots that want to destroy what made us so great. I'm a big fan of freedom of speech. However, having said that, I don't believe that all points of view are equal and equally valid. Some people should be run out on a rail. Only we don't have a "sherriff" willing to take the trouble-makers, hooligans, and criminals by the scruff of the neck and tell them to not let the sun set on them in the city limits.

On Oct. 4th of last year, I posted a blog entitled Death of a Free Republic. In it, I laid out the root causes of our demise as a nation. I am deeply troubled by the directions that our government is taking, not that I am in the least surprised by any of its actions. Indeed, the very fact that what they have done and are planning on doing is not shocking or surprising, is the reason that I am so very troubled. It means that the darker side of our tea leaf readings have a very good chance of coming to pass.

I guess I am posting this in hopes of someone giving me something to look forward to, politically speaking. Once again, I find that my patriotic tendancies are at war with the Christian in me. To know that something MUST come to pass, is not to wish or hope that it will. Especially in one's own lifetime.

The middle east is set to explode. The Russians are trying to resurrect the USSR and the EU has sold their souls to Allah. We are about as alone as we have ever been.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ramos and Compean Are Finally Home.

So, finally, America's two political prisoners are finally home and more light is being shed on exactly what went down, in regards to their witch-hunt excuse of a trial. It's no surprise that the persecution and prosecution of these two heroes is one of the largest reasons for my disfavor with the Bush administration as a morally bankrupt administration. Hell, the entire border security topic sends my blood pressure into the stratosphere.

On the positive side, they are home and I thank Jesus for that. These men are heroes and I hope the best for them. I believe that they will have no problems in getting private sector jobs in spite of their conviction. In fact, it's probably the first time that anyone has ever used a felony conviction as a positive resume note. I'd hire them for personal security if I were rich enough. Although I'd teach them to shoot center-mass. Here's a couple of articles I found on them.

Ramos, Compean Freed from Prison Congressman calls for probe of prosecutor, role of Mexico --WND
This one I found interesting because of the admitted role that Mexico had in the prosecution process. I've used the term political prostitutes before and Bush definately was one.

Border agents celebrate homecoming He said, 'I love you, and he just embraced me'
This one says all that needs to be said. God bless these two families.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Just....Wow!!! This Girl Says It Best.

I don't think I've ever heard the abortion issue summed up so eloquently and so profoundly. I can't add one thing to the work of this 12 year old girl. God bless her family. They have done a marvelous job.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is Our Focus Off?

I just finished the five book "Last Jihad" series by Joel C. Rosenberg. He started writing the last Jihad before 9/11 and some of the things that he wrote about before the 9/11 attacks, such as Muslims using passenger planes to attack America, were eerily similar to the actual events. He has been called a "modern day Nostradamus", which is patently false, as he himself will tell you. What he has done is to look at Bible prophecy and world news and put them together into a believable form and create a possible future.

Reading these books, written by a messianic Jew, has opened my eyes to points of view, some of which I've stated on here in the past, that I cannot turn away from. I look at them from the point of view of a Christian warrior and a patriot for this country. Some of the things I see in the tea leaves, so to speak, are stark and scary. Some are beautiful beyond belief. I want to put an excerpt from the Authors notes taken from the last book in the series called "Dead Heat".

"I am not a clairvoyant, a psychic, or a modern day Nostradamus, as some have suggested. I am simply a story teller. Dead Heat is the fifth and final novel in the series that began with The Last Jihad. And like the other four it is based on a series of very real and increasingly serious geopolitical threats facing the United States and our allies today. As well as on a series of very real and deeply sobering prophecies written in the pages of the Bible, centuries ago. So far as such geopolitical threats are concerned, it is not my contention that we are necessarily destined to see such horrors come to pass. Hopefully, our nation's political, military, intelligence, and law enforcement leaders will have the necessary wisdom, courage, and sense of urgency to counter and neutralize these threats, and many others like them, in time.

If we, and they, understand the magnitude of the Evils gathering against us, we could very well avoid the cataclysms that some experts now believe are no longer a matter of if, but when. So far as the prophecies are concerned however, let me be clear. The world is destined to see such horrors come to pass. When? I cannot say. How will such events play out? One can only speculate. I have no doubt it will happen, as the Bible predicts, and they certainly could happen in our lifetime. Only the Lord, himself, knows. That said, it is worth noting that of the one thousand or so prophecies found in the pages of the bible, more than five hundred have already come true. Indeed, a number of startling End Times prophecies have come to pass over the course of the last century. Including the rebirth of the state of Israel, large numbers of Jews returning to the Holy Land after centuries of exile, Jews rebuilding the ancient ruins of Israel and making the deserts bloom, and Israel creating "an exceedingly great army".

All of this begs the question: Since some dramatic Last Days prophecies have come true in our lifetime, isn't it remotely possible that more such prophecies could happen in our lifetime, as well? One of my fictional characters in Dr. Mordecai put it this way in The Ezekiel Option, describing bible prophecy as "an intercept from the mind of God". The scriptures tell us that God, in his sovereignty has chosen to give us advance intelligence of some future geopolitical events, that will shake our world and shape our future, so we are not caught off guard. So we can get ready. So we can help others get ready. As the Hebrew prophet Amos once wrote, "Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless he reveals his secret counsel to his servants, the Prophets. Amos 3:7.

Which brings me back to my first point. Though something is coming, I pray we are spared the events portrayed in Dead Heat. I did not write this book to predict exactly how such end time prophecies will come to pass. I wrote it to ask, "What if?" What if the political debates that so obsess and divide us prove, one day, to be trivial pursuits, distracting us from the most important and pressing issues of our time? What if, in the midst of Presidential campaign seasons that invariably consume so much of our nation's time, talent, and treasure, we find ourselves, one day, blindsided by gathering Evils we either do not see, or fail to fully appreciate? What if the great fortunes we are trying to amass do not protect us from the weapons being formed against us? And what if, in our never ending national hunt for power, prosperity, and celebrity, we somehow gain the whole world, but forfeit our souls? A new Evil is rising. I feel it. Let us awaken, before it's too late." -Joel C. Rosenberg, Nov. 2007, Washington, D.C

This, in some ways, was my favorite part of the entire book. It very clearly shows how intelligent and observant this man is in relation to world events and biblical prophecy. After reading/listening to this series, which is head and shoulders better than the Left Behind series for believability and biblical accuracy, I am forced to ask the same questions that Joel posited above.

Have we, as Christians, lost the forest for the trees? Have we forgotten what we are fighting for? What the end result is to be for us and our families and (hopefully) friends? I have written about the Magog war and have discussed other possibilities for how prophecy is going to be fulfilled, and now I want to open a discussion with you, my new family and friends about this topic. I want to know your thoughts on the prophecies that have come about and those that seem to be on the brink.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Does This Sound Familiar?

On another blog there was a post by Abraham Lincoln and a question as to what we thought he meant. It gave me an idea for this one. Here's a quote from our nation's birth. Do you readers think that anything he says goes for today the way it did while the colonies were under British rule?

Patrick Henry - 03/23/1775"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"

"Our petitions have been slighted; our remonstrances have produced additional violence and insult; our supplications have been disregarded; and we have been spurned, with contempt, from the foot of the throne! In vain, after these things, may we indulge the fond hope of peace and reconciliation. There is no longer any room for hope. If we wish to be free-- if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending--if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained--we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!..."It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace-- but there is no peace [Jer. 6:14]. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle [Matt. 20:6]? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

Fairness Doctrine 2.0 on the Horizen

I, and others of like mind, have posted in the past that one of the first things to be attacked by liberals now in power, was going to be Freedom of Speech. In the past, on this and other sites, you have been warned that the fairness doctrine was going to be re-instated and the few liberal readers that we have, have responded by saying that there was no evidence that anyone was pushing for it's return.

Well, my powers of prognostication (and others') are starting to show fruit. Read this piece and tell me that our ability to read the tea leaves wasn't spot on. It is only a matter of time, before people like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and others are censored to the point where their voices can't be heard for the roar of the liberal politicians.

Harkin 'to squelch' 1st Amendmentin favor of 'Chinese-style censorship'

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Few Random Headlines

Well, I'm back. I took a little time off from blogging. The reasons for this were many. From a general lack of time (although I consider that a dodge) to a very real sense of depression because of the direction that our nation is facing and it's inability to see the repercussions of its choices. But I'm back, as I said, and so it's time to get back into the saddle and try to point out to my fellow Americans exactly where we are going wrong. To this point I offer these headlines from today's news sites.

16 illegals sue Arizona rancher; Claim violation of rights as they crossed his land...

This one makes my blood boil. First off, if this Patriot has really turned over 12,000 illegals to the Border Patrol, then he should be given a Congressional Gold Medal of Honor. It is a travesty of justice for these illegals to be allowed to sue this man. They were on his land and are lucky he didn't just shoot them where they sat. They were very lucky they weren't in Texas, as that is their right by law, considering the damage that is happening to his ranch and property. God speed Mr. Barnett. I'll follow up on this when I find out more later this week.

Specter, Snowe, Collins Anger GOP Base

This one is such an understatement that it boggles the mind. I kept turning the word "Anger" over and over in my mind and came to the conclusion that it just wasn't hard enough to describe the animosity I feel and have felt for those three over the years. All three of these Rinos have been a thorn in Conservatives sides for too long. At least, if the article is to be believed this is the death knell for Specter. Unfortunately, we will have him haunting us for the next 2 years. Also, his defeat will come too late to protect our children and grand children from the President's plans for our Socialist transition.

Stimulus To Ban Religious Worship - 'This isn't like a convenient oversight, this is intentional'--WND

Oh, where to start? Am I surprised that the Dems, who have attacked the Judeo-Christian heritage of this nation at every opportunity, would put this in their first major bill? Not even close. However, I will applaud Sen. Jim DeMint for his stand on this topic, and I am only sorry that we do not have more people in our Government that can act more like statesmen and less like the political prostitutes that they are.

In closing, I would like to ask my Conservative brothers and sisters, how do you recommend that we recover from these, first assaults of the Socialists and Communists on our national heritage?

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