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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sen. Inhoffe Blasts Barry's Anti-American Message

I'll be honest with you, I detest 99% of everything that comes from the Tulsa World. They have proven themselves to be very little more than Leftist Political Hacks who very nearly always spin events to favor the Socialists that have tried to run Tulsa into the ground. However, on this one article, they at least stuck to the facts. Good job Tulsa World.

And an even better round of applause for Oklahoma's Senator Inhoffe. You get it, thanks.

From the Tulsa World.

GROVE — Right-thinking Americans can only hope the country will survive the next 16 months of the Obama administration until Republicans can regain control of Congress, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe said Wednesday.
“I never dreamed I would see an administration try to disavow all the things that have made this country different from all others,” Inhofe told more than 300 people at a town hall meeting in the Grove Community Center.

“I have never seen so many things happening at one time so disheartening to America.” Inhofe found a highly receptive audience. Many wore T-shirts of a local organization called Get America Back. Its Web site promises “a plan to eliminate the socialist government and return Americas (sic) freedoms.”

The “plan” is a link to a YouTube video by Lloyd Marcus, a Florida artist and singer making the circuit of anti-Obama “Tea Party” rallies.

Wednesday’s audience was similar to those at town hall meetings throughout northeastern Oklahoma in recent weeks. Concerns centered on the administration and Democratic-controlled Congress.

Inhofe gave his constituents plenty to worry about.

“Every institution that has made this country the greatest nation in the world is under attack,” he said at the end of the 75-minute session.

During those 75 minutes, Inhofe said President Barack Obama is disarming the military, is destroying everything good about America and is determined to turn foreign terrorists loose on U.S. soil.

The good news, he said, is that he does not think the Democratic leadership can push through

health-care reform or the more controversial parts of its energy bill.
He also said he continues to be proven correct in his claim that global climate change is a hoax.

“More and more, with each month that goes by, more scientists agree with me,” he said. “We are winning.”

Inhofe opened by saying the noisy debate over health care has caused Americans to overlook other important issues, including climate change and energy policy.

He is also alarmed, he said, by the proposed closing of the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Obama administration wants to shutter the camp because of its association with torture.

Inhofe said: “There has never been a case of torture there. The people there are treated better than in the federal prisons.”

He continued, “I don’t know why President Obama is obsessed with turning terrorists loose in America.”

The administration says it wants to bring 60 to 80 prisoners to the U.S. for trial. Some Republicans have said those acquitted could be released in the U.S., but authorities say they would be deported as foreign nationals.

Inhofe’s third concern, he said, is that “Barack Obama is disarming America.” He conceded that Obama requested more military spending, but he criticized the elimination of several weapons systems, including the F-22 fighter.

Obama, at the urging of Defense Secretary Robert Gates, also scrapped one of Inhofe’s pet projects, a cannon that was to be assembled at Elgin in southwestern Oklahoma.

Gates, a holdover from the Bush administration, advocated abandoning high-tech systems such as the cannon and the F-22 for cheaper, more reliable weapons.

“Those of you who think like I do,” Inhofe said, “hope this country can hang on another 16 months.”


Joe said...

Hooray for Inhofe! A flicker of light is better than absolute darkeness!

Gramma 2 Many said...

The money he is requesting for "defense" will most likely be appropriated for his Citizen Corp he is organizing right now. The ones who will be watching over us and turn us in at the least provocation.
We definately need more like Senator Inhofe to help us out of the mire we are in.
I am quickly becoming an advocate of Glen Beck and his Common Sense approach to fighting this. He is right it is no longer a Democrat Republican thing, it is something that is destroying all of us. We need to put aside partianship and fight this fight together.

Greywolfe said...

You said it Joe!

Gramma, I'm of two minds about your last couple of sentiments. First, my problem with Glenn is that he's in their face one minute and then pulls back from the brink. I understand that as a broadcaster he can't have a literal call to arms, but its like he is intentionally pulling his punches some times.

No one in the media wants to call this war a war.

As for the Dem/Rep thing, in some ways you are right. I think our problem isn't with the rank and file democrats, its with the 30% of the democratic and even the 20% of the Republican Party that are socialists and leftists. These are the people that have declared war on us.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

I have found Inhofe to consitantly be one of the few in Washington who actually is worth anything.

He not only hits tha nail on the head but warns of dangers and attacks that are not being covered by most. Kudos for your OK, (and not just state initials), Senator.

Z said...

and I'm SO TIRED of hearing warnings like this and all we conservatives are doing is typing and complaining..while the Dems, as USUAL, are DOING.

DARN! We have SO MUCh to lose......but, where do you go when your kids are lost already, anyway? NO safety net there, the one I'd consider when Dad would say "Honey, don't worry, things will swing back.." Not anymore, Dad, not without that great bunch of younger Americans who still knew their history and hadn't been told THIS COUNTRY is the worst going...thanks, LEFTWINGER.

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