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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Lapse In Judgement: Pat Dollard

Generally speaking, I like to think of myself as a reasonable judge of character. Look back on my posts over the last year concerning our alleged President, and you will see that I've never missed the mark by far about him. However, this past 9 months or so, I've been guilty of a glaring misjudgement concerning an up and coming political movement. ACCDF. First, let me say this, 99% of the people that are in ACCDF are true patriots. They are from every walk of life and every nationality. The things that they all have in common is a genuine love for their country and a genuine fear that all that they hold dear is being destroyed by the radical revolutionaries in power.

"[A] good moral character is the first essential in a man..." --George Washington

Here is where my lapse in judgement comes in to play. I disregarded my still soft voice in regards to Pat Dollard himself. I went to his website (I forget now how I was referred there) and listened to his Internet broadcast. He was crude and vulgar and dropped expletives like rain water from a drain spout. I put that aside as I read his self-bio on his site. I figured it was just part of what he picked up while he was embedded with the Marines. Later, I found out that it was always this way with him. By then I had met others from ACCDF and found many of like mind. Also, Pat offered me a position on Patdollard.com (I won't provide active links to his site, sorry) as a salaried contributor.

Well, as a small town blogger, I was amazed, and I admit, flattered at the offer to be part of his website. His site gets thousands of hits a week (due mostly to his unfinished pro-military documentary) and I saw an opportunity to broaden my readership base. Unfortunately for me, and for those that have come here and (may) respect my views, I didn't do my due diligence before agreeing to work with Pat Dollard.

It didn't take long for me to find character flaws in Pat Dollard that I couldn't ignore. Soon after I joined his organization, he dropped off the radar completely for weeks at a time. No communication, no nothing. Then he comes back with a very vague story and picks up like nothing ever happened. This happened again this August. Only this time, not only did he disappear, we (accdf.com and patdollard.com) were both shut down for 3 days, and no one could reach him. Also, he had stopped paying me for my time that I had put in. He had offered to pay me $300. per week to work on the site, and at first all was going well. Then, he payed me $100 early on my second check and only gave promises in lieu of payment for the remainder of that and the two weeks following. That is when I stopped updating or writing for Pat. To this day, he has not paid me the $800 that he owed me before I stopped updating the site.

Recently, there has been a shake up in his ACCDF organization. Some of his leadership sent an email out to other state leaders and to Pat about the inaction of ACCDF and tried to offer ways to make it (ACCDF) work more efficiently. Long story short, it flew like a lead balloon and several of his leaders were put out of the organization. Granted, the toys belong to pat so he can kick you out of his sandbox if you don't play like he wants, but it furthered my belief that something was wrong with Pat's character on the most basic level.

So far, everything I've told you has been anecdotal at best. But just a few minutes ago, I was given a link to a Vanity Fair article that re-enforces my position on Pat and his intentions. He, unlike the rank and file of ACCDF, is not motivated by some overwhelming sense of honor and obligation where our Republic is concerned. Rather, he is obsessed with being back on top and running the show. To be a mover and shaker and to compete with his "best friend" Andrew Breitbart, of Breitbart.com. So far, the only thing that seems to be getting in the way is his own self-destructive personality flaws.

Read this for yourself, it's long, very long, but you'll have a very in depth look at what and who Pat Dollard really is. The title is "Rogue Agent: Pat's War On Hollywood" and I don't think there's a better bio of him or a more revealing look at the personality of a megalomaniacal manic-depressive than this article.

Read it all and then tell me if you think that patdollard.com or accdf.com have any useful future ahead of them.


Anonymous said...

wow, you finally opened your eyes and said the things !

I wish Bash would still be there to read you

he's been playing a devil plot with me, but I don't care, as itis'nt huring me personnally

MC aka franchie

tedders said...

We'll be reading Dollard's obit soon enough. He has self sabotage in his blood, he'll undo any success he has in no time. I'm not holding my breath for his movies release, he'll find some way to ph@ck it up.

Where is Bash?

Dollard is in a negative G spin.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! I'm glad God opened your eyes too. Your NOT alone Greywolfe.

Let God take the lead...


Anonymous said...

Who we talkin' about?

; ^)


Anonymous said...

anyone who is in contact with the good patriots in ACTIVE needs to make sure that they see this bio and are aware of who he is and what kind of asshole they are following. email or twitter or im them the message.


A is A said...

I'm proud to say Pat bothered me right from the jump. So sorry many had to suffer him as long as you did. I think a lot of good people have wasted their valuable and productive time, ideas and enthusiasm on this guy's road to ruin. I hope they find a suitable organization that needs solid citizen activists to combat effectively the direction we're being led, unwillingly, I might add.

See you in the protest crowds and town halls, Patriots!!! BK

A is A said...

By the by, that VF piece is waaaay too long and depressingly ugly to read every word. Very telling, indeed. BK

chandler said...

Greywolfe I am glad that you are out of the fog. I have not had things as bad as you, but I still have the email from he who shall not be named (a little Harry Potter humor) asking me for a Reader's Post because he needed something new to put up. I had one to him in less than a day from when he asked.
I stopped listening to Jihadi Killer Hour when I tuned in late and heard him talking about the foot on the neck analogy of the left and how they had it wrong; it would be his foot on their neck not their foot on his. That was too extreme for me.
Feel free to contact me at howie@chandlerswatch.com or come check out Chandler's Watch on BTR.
Semper Fi

MsUnderestimated said...

From one fellow Okie to another (and another who was accosted by attempted shame), I'm with you my brother. I love ya and I'm with everyone else here who has seen the light (and smelled the B.S. in the air) regarding Dollard.

I won't be taken for a fool, and will not be shamed by saying I was a "fool" and should have been ready tot take the "$300" he was ready to pay me. It sounds to me like PD has run out of patsies - just glad I caught on before it was too late (thankx, Drill).



Jay said...

That article opened my eyes , and verified allot.
I was a state leader for ACTIVE for a short time. As soon as I became involved as state leader, my gut told me it was wrong.I learned a long time ago to trust my gut,so I resigned.
I also no longer listen to his blog talk shows.
I think Pat may have taken on his crusade for the wrong reason.
It is to bad because many people were looking guidance to try and turn our Country back around.
I am going to concentrate on local events and projects.
Thanks for a link to VF article.
Good luck to you.

Louie said...

bash here,

contact me if u like.

hang in there and God bless America.

Greywolfe said...

Hey Bash, aka louie. Can't get access to your profile to contact you...hope you asked for updates.

Also, folks thanks for the encouragement. By the way, to date, Pat still owes me $800. And has shown no desire at all to pay it.

Anonymous said...

hello Bash, why are you silent ?


Anonymous said...

I too deleted my acct with accdf.

Anonymous said...

Glad I came across this because I've been away for awhile. Thanks Greywolfe, I'm glad to be an Okie, and you are around.

Glad I didn't send any money, but I never can get as much as two cents together it seems.


kim said...

Hi, I was sucked into Pat Jihadikillerhour and ACtive for about 2 months, he is mental and now that he is launching his new active site he thinks he is ledgend, good people are so sucked in and giving money because he is requesting it for his expenses. He is rude 2 nights ago he stopped his radio blog because he had a temper tantrum. He now is screwing a 20 year old that made his active emblem and that is all the member hear about is how wonderful allysa is. This guy needs to be locked up for soliciting money. Thank you so much for leading me to the light and back to my family instead of on this stupid computer listening to a fraud just like our President. God bless kc

PFC said...

Dollard has managed to alienate many talented, dedicated Americans.
As a former State President for ACTIVE I too have finally seen the light.

Too late though as I managed to betray a few trusted friends in the process. I will forever be ashamed of my role and can only beg forgiveness from those that were hurt by my actions.

Yes we are in a war but I am no longer in Dollard's army. Just label me PFC. I'll carry on the fight without the egomaniac who now is asking for monthly dues.

Dues for what?

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