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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Blogger's Call To Arms

Last year, when I started getting serious about blogging and writing about the news, a point that I've always known at some level came crashing home to me. It was lengths and depths that the corrupt media will go to push the most radical of socialist agendas. They malign, distort, and try to destroy any media that comes against them.

Many times, i've talked with other bloggers and had them share with me their frustration at the inability that we conservative bloggers or even citizens that don't blog have in getting news with an honest and purposeful showing of the reality behind the prepackaged news.

There are several alternative news sites out there, such as Breitbart.com and PJTV.com. These are very good, but I think we need something else. What i'm looking to create, with the help of you my blogging friends, is a site, a little different than the others.

I want hard hitting news told from the true conservative's point of view. The honest to God unmitigated truth, related with the point of view of how it would combine with a Founding Father-type world view. I would also like writers that can do satire and humor, also from a conservative point of view. I want someplace that will draw fellow patriots for education, edification, and Entertainment.

I have been to and frequent many of my fellow blogger's sites, and I see every day the original takes and points of view from so many of my fellow patriots. Points of view and opinions or analysis that comes from a direction that I hadn't considered. Also, many of the best of you have sources of news and information that I have not had the time to find and utilize. Also, it would be hard for me to have time to find all the news and report on it myself. As it is for all of you.

So, here's my call to arms. In order to convince the undecide which is the correct path back to greatness for our country, we must win our fellow Americans back to the Truth. This requires us to fight propaganda with propaganda. The difference being the site that I envision will be dedicated to the truth and to our nation's history of Freedom and Liberty, granted by God, and affirmed through the Declaration of Independance and the Constitution of the united states.

So, I would like for those that are interested in joining such an endeavor to contact me. You can either contact me here, or in the off chance you'd like to remain confidential, my email is greywolfe226@gmail.com. I need folks that have a love for this country and a desire to push their blogs to the next level. To educate and edify more people than we can reach on our own.

I need Satirists, and Analysts. Common sense writers, and humorists. If you have a good idea or suggestion, I'm all ears. I want every piece of good advice that I can get.

This is a war, my friends. The Administration has declared war upon our way of life. In order to win, we must make sure that the truth continues to be told in places that the other forms of Alternative media are not seen. The larger we spread this idea, the more people we reach, the better this site can be.

The Conservative Underground News And Comment can be a great thing, but I cannot do all of it myself. Join me if you will. Advise me if you won't. I look forward to talking to you all.


The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Excellent! Count me in my friend! I am adding you to my e-mail contacts list and here is my e-mail: theliberalslies@yahoo.com. We need an exhaustive hard hitting straight forward conservative site with many commentaries as well as all that you stated in your post. I am part of the Minority Report and Redstate and what you invision takes it to the next step from these two sites. I am ready and willing to work with you for truth and Consitutional principles for the redemption of our Nation.


gramma2many said...

My eyes and ears are open. If I hear or see anything, I will let you know. A writer, I am not, but I am a good listener and love to watch. In Todd Beamers famous words, "Lets Roll."
Since my e-mail account was hijacked last week, I had to change my address. My new one is grammasrightagain@gmail.com
God Bless and protect you in this new all important endeavor.

M. Rigmaiden said...

I wish you and everyone who participates the best of luck in getting the message across. I don't blog enough nor do I have the time to do much writing anymore:)

Joe said...

I'm not that great of a writer. But I agree that we are in a war. And it's one we MUST win, or lose our Liberty.

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