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I'm a simple man, not a simpleton. The worst thing any of our leaders can do is to get those two things confused. I'm a warrior for those things I believe in. I stand up for my friends, family, God, and country. All I truly want is for the government to stay as far out of my life as I can get it. Oh and just in case you haven't guessed it; I'm conservative in my bones.


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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Leftists Vs. Conservatives: Why There Will Be Blood

Bad blood between those that are in favor of an all-powerful federal government and those that believe in the power of States and their citizens is nothing new. It's been around since before the Revolutionary war. Each side believes that they are right, and each side believes that the other is full of revolutionary ideology that they see as dangerous.

I'll give you a current case in point, Gramma2Many stopped in and left a request for aid on my website, as well as(judging by the number of people that showed up on her site) a good number of other sites. Apparently, a Leftist from the UK decided to go on her site and start bad mouthing Americans that don't want socialist healthcare.

Long story somewhat shorter, several of my fellow patriots took exception to her statements and came back at her with proof(or at least as much proof as we could get from this side of the pond). To which she mocked each source and told us we were listening to the same old right wing lies.

When she finally decided to quit the field of battle, I gave her one last salvo just to make sure that she got the idea, here it is:

Yes, diddleymaz, this conversation is and should be brought to conclusion. What you fail to understand is that very similar to the Founders of this nation, we conservatives see government intervention as a means of weakening the people. Government subsidies are designed to make the people dependant upon a government for sustanance, so that the people have to keep coming back to the teat for more and more. All the while, their ability to stand and succeed on their own is taxed and limited due to government's never ending hunger for resources.

More and more Rights are taken away and replaced with suposed rights. Free speech for free healthcare, Right to Bear Arms for the right to Welfare. I could go on and on but I won't. The fact of history is this, Socialism has always failed in the end. It weakens the people and creates a moral equivalancy that destroys the family and society as a whole. Strength comes from self reliance and a true sense of community. These things can not be instituted by a government beurocracy, but rather by the removal from governmental interferance in daily life.

Europe has never come to understand that government is at best a necessary evil. Like a viscious dog it must be kept on a strong chain or it will devour the very people that it is to protect. We Patriots of America, refuse to give our freedoms up for supposed security. We refuse to lose the sovereignty that so many of our forefathers died to aquire for us.

It is a point of view that Europeans mostly fail to understand because they do not have our heritage. It is a point even some of our own Leftists don't understand because they still look to Europe with envy. They see the old world as an attempt at the failed idea of human perfection. Socialist ideals clothed in "culture". For those of us who value our history and heritage, its poison in a sweet cake.

You will never understand our point of view because you have allowed yourself to become dependant upon your government for your existance. God forbid that happens here.Is it any wonder why projections for Europe show the muslims becoming 20% of your population? Or why your governments have folded to Islamic rule so often? Europe is weak and the Jihadis know it. They outbreed you and have a strength of conviction your will never have.

So of course, she had to come back with this little rejoinder:

Greywolfe you are the sort of deluded fascist who gives me nightmares! we dont have spree killers all the time (no guns) and if you believe the rest of that stuff about europe your as stupid as i thought you were.

Because I point out the differences between Euro-trash and American heritages and because I showed her the ways in which her value system was killing the European nations, I am a "deluded fascist".

Leftists are supposed to be the all inclusive, big tent, Cumbaya types aren't they? Aren't they the ones that preach tolerance? I've noticed that in every conversation that has taken place between Leftist organizations like ACORN or the SEIU, that the Leftists don't seem to be all that tolerant or inclusive. Unless you count becoming violent and threatening violence to be inclusive and tolerant.

Here's the argument as best as I can boil it down. Leftists want the government to ensure that they never have to worry about the chaos and insecurities of this thing called life. They are willing to sacrifice any amount of other peoples money to make sure that this is the case. They are willing to sacrifice any Freedom, Liberty, or Right that other people might enjoy so that they can secure the government's promise for "security" for themselves and others that have not earned it. (See also the illegal alien argument). The point that there is no place in the Constitution that gives the government the right to do this is moot and beneath them to the point of being rediculous to debate it. The government can do as it sees fit in their eyes.

Conservatives on the other hand, see the promise that our Founders started for us in this Constitutional Republic and want the power to go back to where it was originally placed by said Constitution; the states and the people. We want the government to stop interfering with our lives and to allow each state to govern it's people the way it was originally intended. We want a strict constructionalist view of the Constitution and we want ALL THREE BRANCHES OF THE GOVERNMENT TO CEASE AND DESIST ALL ATTEMPTS AT COERCING THE STATES ILLEGALLY.

As you can see, the two opposing views are truly diametrically opposed and beyond reconciliation. We have reached a point of critical mass in this country. It is my fear that if the current legislation on healthcare, climate change, and illegal amnesty gets pushed through congress, the only options left to a responsible patriotic people will be to pull out that document that started our first war of independance, dust it off, fill in the appropriate places, and march on Washington with weapons in hand, ready if necessary to do battle, but demanding first the resignation of every member of our national mis-leadership.

Well, that's my little bit of sedition for one night. Good night and God Bless.


Joe said...

As good an explanatin as you could possibly have given!

We have been at forks in the democratic-republic road before, but now we are at a real turning point.

I pray that we make the right (pun intended) turn.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Hey, my friend, you never hog the co2 at my place. I really appreciated your help with Daz whatever she called herself. Of course you see we never made any kind of impact on her. She left still thinking we were the ignorant ones. I posted something on my grammasrightagain blog about the Canadian system today.
With friends like you covering my back, I really have no worries when we come to fighting the big guns.
Thanks again. Love ya!!

Ducky's here said...

Well, the military isn't likely to follow you (ironic, no?) and you can march but you'll be cut down like the Bonus Army and they had a just cause.

Z said...

I don't know where we're going but it does look like there's real trouble brewing; meanwhile, Obama's ramping up his CIVILIAN CORPS. Think it'll be armed while he's trying to stop you from owning yours?
And, has he never heard of the National Guard? I thought they were supposed to be doing the kind of work that CORPS will be doing? But, of course, the Guardsmen are probably patriotic...
scary times, Greywolfe.

Greywolfe said...

Thanks folks for your comments. With one obvious exception...

Duckworth, you might want to step over to a site called Oathkeepers.org and rethink your statement. Let me ask you something, have you ever researched any topic before you throw your literary grenades into a blog site? Or even stopped to think things through to a logical conclusion?

And as for us marching and getting cut down, most of us would rather be dead than live in a world where we have to tell our children what it was like in America when men were Free. You may worship at the feet of Marx, but the rest of us would prefer death before slavery to an all-powerful government.

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