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Sunday, May 3, 2009

“Politics Is War By Other Means”: ACTIVE’s Core Manifesto On Rightwing Political Strategy

Posted at Patdollard.com and at ACTIVE

Read this and discover for yourselves if this organization is what you are looking for. It was and is for me.

“Politics is war by other means.” - Pat Dollard

Seems backward, doesn’t it? Didn’t von Clausewitz say the opposite, that war is politics by other means? Indeed he did. Yet we find ourselves in a position whereby the above statement is true.

It didn’t have to be this way. The Founding Fathers disagreed vehemently about many things, but at the end of the day, were on the same side. Yet now, we find ourselves facing an opposition of our own titular countrymen, who hate freedom, and seek only control. A political class rules us, and the population wallows in mediocrity, allowing this to happen. We have no choice. The war has already started. Not to throw out quotes too much, but, “Never start a fight, but always finish one.”

To this end, we cannot approach this purely as politics in the sense we grew up understanding. IT. IS. WAR. At the end of a war, a real war, there are only three types of people left: the conquerors, the conquered, and the dead. Defeat, surrender, compromise are no longer options. Our enemy seeks the destruction of our culture and our ultimate subjugation. We must thus seek to utterly destroy their system, lest they do the same to us.

Von Clausewitz spoke of two main factors to waging war–means and will. Means is the easy part. History is replete with examples of oppressed people getting around the restrictions placed on them by their conquerors in order to fight back. Most Eastern “open hand” martial arts had their origins this way. Means can always be found, even if they need to be taken from the enemy. Will is the more difficult, and the more important. Without the will to win, and win decisively, any power, no matter how great, will lose. France in Indochina and Algeria. The US in Vietnam, and still possibly in the Middle East, time will tell. Will is everything. We must steel our will to win, no matter how long it takes, or how much it costs us personally. Decisive victory is required, or else we will be re-fighting this cancer over and over again over the next decades. It could be this particular enemy will never go away entirely, and the war must be re-fought every couple of centuries or so. But better a couple of centuries than decades. We must win, and win completely. To that end, we must have the will to go all the way.

Undoubtedly, some among our number will lack, or lose, this will. They will go only so far and balk. Let them go. Samuel Adams said much the same over two hundred years ago. They will urge compromise, say, “We can live with this much, this isn’t that bad.” That way lies defeat.

We will return to the subject of means and will shortly.

Another vital element in war is initiative. Acknowledging that at this point in time, we are still girding ourselves for this war, we must not continue to react to the enemy. Sooner or later, preferably sooner, we must make them react to us. They believe they have control. Take that control away. Destroy their sense of security. Make them take the defensive. No adversary on the defensive has ever won. Through demonstrations and civil disobedience, and eventually, as necessity dictates, through stronger measures, we can make the enemy react to us, rather than the other way around. Do not simply pick new legislation to protest. Drive back against the creeping usurpations of the last century. Strike at things that have become assumptions of society and politics. Push them out of their comfort zone. They have no difficulty doing it to us. Forget the status quo. Push, and when you feel them start to give, push harder.

In order to seize the initiative, we require intelligence. We already have some of this, as there are those working constantly to keep us apprised of the steps the enemy is taking against us and our countrymen. It is not enough, however. Intelligence is generally defined by the military as: “the product resulting from collection, evaluation, and interpretation of information which concerns one or more aspects of a foreign nation, or of functional or geographic areas, and which is immediately or potentially significant to the development and execution of plans, policies, and operations.” What does that mean? We need to collect information that gives us insight not only into what the enemy is doing, but also what they are planning to do, and, even more importantly, their blind spots and weaknesses. Trolling the news sites is not enough. We have to get inside their heads, and find what we need to get them by the throat.

Somewhat obliquely returning to means and will. The nature of this war is not as much of a stand-up fight as some of us, including the author, would like. The prime example is where a lot of this originated, with the Frankfurt School and “Cultural Marxism.” The enemy has attacked us not at our heart, but at our soul. They have set out to destroy everything that made Western culture strong. Before we can push them back, we have to draw the line, and say, “This far, and no farther.”

But we must do more than say it. We must act to hold, to buttress, and to harden that line. As our organization, our network grows, we must do more than organize. We must work to come to trust each other, much as members of a military unit. The enemy wants people who are docile, submissive, unarmed, and dependent. We must strengthen the idea that dependence is slavery, that submission is death, and that to be unarmed is to be less than a man. Docility is anathema. We must be armed, able, and strong. We live in a society where we don’t want to be feared. Let them fear us. It is well for them to fear us. This country was built by men who could kill their own food, stand up against the elements, and hold their own in a fight. Skill in arms was a prerequisite for manhood in all of Western society, until the last century. We must return to that, because an armed man is a free man.

Do not run out and buy up an EBR (Evil Black Rifle) because you must now be armed. This is not because so-called “assault rifles” scare the opposition. Quite the opposite. It is because they are inferior to a true rifleman’s weapon. Jeff Cooper defined a rifleman as being capable of obtaining disabling single-round hits out to five hundred yards. It is more important to learn to shoot, and have a weapon that fits your capabilities. Ignore how it looks. The enemy focuses on appearances. That is their weakness. Take advantage of it. Find their weaknesses. Exploit them.

The cultural war must be fought on a cultural level. We must reexamine the stories of our ancestors, our forbearers. Find reading and spread it around. The enemy floods the media of all types with their poison. The antidote is out there. We must find it and share it. When we find literature that promotes Western ideals of independence, honor, and duty, we must devour it, and encourage others to read it and share it. Better yet, tell these stories. Bring them back into our people’s consciousness.

Trust was mentioned above. Neighborhood groups must be prepared to come to each other’s aid, under any circumstances, and must be able to trust their fellow members to do the same. George Mason, who wrote the Second Amendment, said that, “What is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.” There need be no overt organization. It becomes an expectation of citizenship.

In summation, the task before us now is to instill in our people an intolerance of despotism in all its forms, and an admiration and desire for independence in everyday life. Cussedness will be the order of the day. Taking handouts will be shameful. Only in this way can we begin to gain ground on those who would make us sheep.

Fortis cadere, cedere non potest.

by Peter N.


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