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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties. A Few Thoughts After The Fact.

Evening folks. Tonight I have a couple of admitions to make. First off, I expected there to be may 30 or 40 Tea Parties and maybe a couple thousand people involved. I had no clue. I am honestly blown away by the fact that there were over 700 cities hosting over 2000 tea parties. Oklahoma, I am proud to say had over 36. Never before in America has there been such a strong support for a genuine Conservative ideal.

As I watched coverage of the Tea Parties, it struck me that there were people in attendance from all political parties and none. There were youth, college kids, middle class, upper class, unemployed, and Grandmothers with canes, in attendance. Also as I watched I noticed a big difference between these protests and the typical liberal protest. There was no bile spewing. No vitriolic ranting over percieved injustices. The spirit of the protests was most akin to a new years eve party (without the alcohol and dick clark).

Well, the only bile I saw was from a CNN reporter. Found a video after they cut from another blogger that showed a group taking her to task. I loved it, however, please notice that it never made it on the news. In that same vein I'd like to inject another observation: The liberal news media has once again shown that it is not at all interested in reporting news. Only in creating it. I have heard pundits and talking heads on Fox News and talk radio talk about how "out of touch" or "clueless" the left wing press is about the truth and what these Tea Parties mean, and I would like to disagree. They aren't "clueless" or "out of touch". On the contrary, they know EXACTLY what they mean. And they believe, if they ignore them they will just go away and fade back into their jobs and lives, now that they have had their say.

I must confess, that I too worry that many will do exactly that. It's one thing for the Conservative movement to take a day off and show up at a rally/protest once. (off topic: Ray Charles' version of America the beautiful is playing. I love that man's music.) But to take it up a notch? Not so sure the anger is cranked up enough in America. Or that it can be. In many ways we've become soft and ignorant of our history. Our youth are being taught in school that Government is the answer to all our ills, and have been for decades now. To quote the un-Rev. Wright, "America's chickens are coming home to roost." If the MSM doesn't piss people off, the government's reaction should. Nanci-the wicked witch of the west-Pelosi called the Party-goers Neo-Nazis, and the President's mouthpieces say that at best the goers were misled.

I think it's apparent that the government is going to pretend that this didn't happen. Just like the media. None of the concerns are even going to be addressed. Back to business as usual. The conservatives have had their cry, now they'll go back to work and the government can go back to dismantling the shreds of the Consitution that are left. In all of this, I found one thing to be extremely interesting. The Governor of Texas admitted that at some point Texans may want to secede from the union.

Now that would be a wake up call. They seceded from Mexico because they (Mexico) refused to rule by the Constitution that was in place, and now they find themselves coming full circle. If that movement starts up, look for me standing inside the Alamo with the true Texicans. If that started, I wonder how many states would try to join in, if any.

Now speaking of states, Oklahoma has really stepped up to the plate this year. For the first time in our state's history the Republicans have control of the Congress. So far, there are some good things to report. Last year, the House passed the "10 Amendment Resolution" reasserting state's rights and telling the federal government to "Cease and desist" their medling in state affairs, but it got shot down by a then Democratically controlled Senate. This year, it passed both houses and is now sitting on (D) Governor Henry's desk. We'll see how much he wants to get re-elected. Also, there is a proposal by Republican Senators to take the stimulus money that the Feds shoved down their throats and just give it back to the people in sales tax refunds. 3.6 billion devided amongst 3.5 million people comes out pretty good. Also, there is a bill proposed to allow voters to decide to make English Oklahoma's official language. I hope that that goes through but the ACLU and others are trying to derail the vote.

Generally, I'm not a big fan of the Republicans but I have noted a distinct difference between state and national leaders. State leaders still seem to have their souls intact. Although our U.S. Senators seem to have their act together. Both men are honorable and Conservative. And what's even more interesting, is they seem to be in touch with their constituents wishes.

Well, that's my thoughts today. God bless you all, and remember, it's time to step up the pressure if you want the libs to take notice. And it's also time to take stock in how far each and every one of us is willing to take this "revolution".


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