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I'm a simple man, not a simpleton. The worst thing any of our leaders can do is to get those two things confused. I'm a warrior for those things I believe in. I stand up for my friends, family, God, and country. All I truly want is for the government to stay as far out of my life as I can get it. Oh and just in case you haven't guessed it; I'm conservative in my bones.


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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Manifesto -Updated

As I said a few days ago, a good right wing extremist simply must keep his Manifesto up to date so here is the new and updated version.

This work is to serve as a reference and manifesto for those things which I as a patriot and avowed conservative believe and hold dear. Let there be no mistake, these are sacred principles to myself and like minded individuals:

1. Semper fidelis priores - Always faithful to our forefathers. The forefathers of this great land gave us the two most important papers ever written in the history of governance of the human race: The declaration of independence and the Constitution of the United States. These two works have provided for our liberties and shackled the government's ability to oppress and enslave (as ALL governments are want to do) for over 200 years. If we are faithful to these documents, then we will continue to prosper.

2. We acknowledge the fact that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian ideals and beliefs. Separation of Church and state is a myth. I do not believe, nor do ANY true conservatives, that we should ever have a theocracy (government of a state by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided). We should, instead be governed by men who hold freedoms dear and take a clear lead from God in the way things should be done. It has been said of America, by liberals mainly, that we must have a "wall of separation of church and state" due to this being a pluralistic society. Those ideas are some of the foundations of the cancer that has been eating at the core of our society. As a conservative, I call for a return to the founders' dream of an educated, moral, and God-fearing society.

3. People should stand on their own. To thrive or fail is every one's choice. It is not up to the government to prop up people or companies that do not work. In a free market and a free society, natural law will always provide for strength in our economy and our society. If a company cannot maintain then it must be allowed to fail. Will it be painful in some cases? Yes. Will the survivors of such an event learn from it and make a stronger company? Absolutely. The same can be said of individuals. Only those that cannot provide for themselves in any way should be taken care of by the government. Food stamps, AFDC, Child tax credits, and Earned income Tax Credits are welfare. They are methods of taking money from those that produce and giving it to those that do not. This is patently unfair and socialist. If you take from those that produce, you take away their ability to create further wealth by reducing the proceeds of their hard work, you take away their incentive to try. This disables the ability for small business and those that would dream to start a small business to create jobs and wealth.

4. The right to bear arms is NOT a hunter's rights issue. The 2nd amendment was to provide for the security of a citizen's home and his freedom. It was the one right guaranteed in the Constitution that was designed first and foremost as a protection against a tyrannical government. It was put into the constitution with the clear purpose of granting the People the ability to wage war on said government. You simply cannot do that with dear rifles and 12 ga. shotguns. Those that would trim or outright cut that right, fight against the freedoms that we hold dear because they do not believe that each and every American has the right and ability to rule themselves and decide how their lives will go. And it is this, above all else, that we must be steadfast in opposing, even to our last breaths.

5. States' Rights: The federal government has more and more tried to interfere with the internal working and governance of the States. This is in direct violation of the 10th Amendment and I call upon the federal government to cease and desist all actions that seek to undermine the sovereignty of the states. I call upon all states to follow the lead of those that have passed 10th Amendment resolutions such as Oklahoma and others have. I call on those states that have passed such measures to follow through and put teeth into such measures by demanding a permanent suspension of illegal activities under threat of secession from the Union or forced removal of those guilty of usurpation of the powers of the states and people.

6. Extremist labels: We Conservatives have been labeled extremists by our government. This is a direct attempt to force us to back away from our movements and goals. This will not happen. We are steadfast in our resolve and will continue to fight the tyranny of a corrupt government and their lackeys in the mainstream media.

6. Conclusion: We the people of the United States, in Order to reform a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do make it a solemn and sacred mission for ourselves and those that believe as we do, to protect the Constitution from liberal Judges and corrupt politicians whose continued dominance in elected offices means more than the social, religious, and economic freedoms and sovereignty this country was, is , and forever will be founded on. To this end, we will use all methods granted by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to pursue it. For those that love this country and the dream that it was to become, we are the strongest of supporters. To those that would tear down our standing and strengths by trying to inject the failed policies and social mores of countries that our founders and countless members of subsequent generations have fled from, we will be a thorn to your foot. We will be every bit as ruthless and dedicated to the just Cause of Liberty as those that have fought and died for over 200 years to protect it have been. We will meet you in the press and in the ballot box. We will meet you in the streets and in meeting halls. We will meet you in Courts and in Congress and in the last defense of our nation, in killing fields.

This is my Manifesto. All those that agree, feel free to add your name. All those that oppose feel free to disregard it as you have all social, fiscal and legal conservatives. The reckoning will come at any rate.


Miradena said...

Very nicely done, Greywolfe - I will proudly add my name to your manifesto and to your personal preamble. I will also proudly wear the label of "extremist" in the same way that Libs proudly embraced the labels of "bitter" and "arrogant." You stated, "As a conservative, I call for a return to the founders' dream of an educated, moral, and God-fearing society." Agreed - and Amen.

Greywolfe said...

Thanks for coming by Miradena. And thanks for the kudos. I started this blog as a way to vent, and perhaps, network with others of like mind. It's good to know that I am not the only one out here that harbors these ideals.

Miradena said...

GW- You are surely not the only one that "harbors these ideals!" - And maybe if we toss a few million tea bags at those 'harbors,' we can send a message to those elected officials who needed a reminder of that....:)

Greywolfe said...

Alas Miradena, the government is not interested in paying any attention to conservatives at Tea Parties. Look at the way they have ignored these. Protest demonstrations are not going to be the answer. I have the opinion that no mass demonstration was ever pulled off with so little violence involved.

And that is precisely why the government felt that they could afford to ignore them. The next step will have to be some form of civil disobedience. I figure if everyone that was at the Tea Parties from coast to coast drove to D.C. and clogged the city with cars and just started honking, they'd hear it at the space station.

I'm not sure if the elected morons would make way for that, but it's the obvious next step. After that, the American People will have to make a decision: how much is your freedom worth? Is it worth American blood on American soil?

Miradena said...

Agreed. The reference to "toss tea bags" was more meant as a generalization of all things that can and should be done, with the hope of building a unified action - and not simply being expectant of any action resulting from these performance protests, alone.

Surely, there are many Americans who will fight to prevent the destruction of this nation rather than choose to quietly wait until our government of the people, by the people and for the people, slowly perishes from the earth...

Gayle said...

Miradena is also one of my blogging friends. :)

I would be extremely proud for you to add me to your manifesto as I also agree with it completely. Blessings!

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