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I'm a simple man, not a simpleton. The worst thing any of our leaders can do is to get those two things confused. I'm a warrior for those things I believe in. I stand up for my friends, family, God, and country. All I truly want is for the government to stay as far out of my life as I can get it. Oh and just in case you haven't guessed it; I'm conservative in my bones.


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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Age Of Soft Tyrrany

My fellow Americans and Patriots. We have made grave errors in the past few years that have come home like the prodigal son's evil twin. For instead of trying to make amends and try to earn our favor back, these have come home to enslave the household and usurp the father's place as ruler.

This generation alone, is not solely responsible for what has happened. Neither is the last. Although they are responsible for accelerating the process. Indeed we all have a stake in this failure. All the way back to what is referred to as the greatest generation. They were drawn in by promises of utopia during a horrible time in our nation's past. They made the mistake of looking to the government for the answers to their problems instead of looking to those that the founders entrusted with the power. Themselves.

As a nation, we were to be a self-governed people. Our founders saw government as an evil that would by nature try to subjugate its people. During the Revolutionary war, they operated the country on the Articles of Confederation. It was just one step forward from absolute anarchy. They had just broken free from the other end of the spectrum, absolute tyranny through the English Crown, and were hell bent to avoid the constrictions of government. Therefore, the first attempt at a cohesive nation failed miserably.

The individual states were raising their own armies and making treaties with foreign countries. The federal government had no way to even raise funds to support itself. So a delegation from each state was sent to Philadelphia to set up a new Constitution. The Constitution's main purpose was to LIMIT government. It speaks in the 10th Amendment of the States and People having all powers not specifically enumerated for the government. As such, the Constitution was only a small step farther down the road past the Articles of Confederation. There was enough power granted to the government to effectively support the states' cohesion, but not enough granted to become burdensome.

Fast forward to FDR and the new deal and you see the point in which the Constitution's firewalls were breached. At first the Supreme court tried to hold back "The New Deal" by striking down many of its programs as un-Constitutional. But under threats from the President to pack the courts with sympathetic judges, they were finally cowed and Socialism started its march into American governance. It has been a steady pace to where we are today. In Europe they take jerky bursts of speed in their reach for the evils of tyranny, but the ideas of aristocracy was violently ripped from our social conscience through the Revolutionary War.

We have allowed ourselves to be suckered at the spoiled tit of a dying cow. Our government cannot meet the promises and obligations it has taken on, so it taxes the producers more and more and increases the "soft tyranny" of economic Socialism by taking over larger and larger segments of the American market.

The sad thing is that it is almost inevitable that all soft tyrannies become hard tyrannies in the end. Very rarely does any nation that is free, after losing their liberty, ever regain it. It can be done, however, it will be painful and possibly a bloody ordeal. The media is parasitically latched on to the socialists that populate our government, and due to the government's limits on free speech we have become more and more needful of the mainstream media's information and news to make decisions. Therefore, information needed to make rational, reasoned decisions is being controlled.

I wish I had the answers as to how to fix our nations problems, but I don't. I do know that the key to the future is with our children and educating them in our history. The public screwl system is hell bent on indoctrinating our youth. It is up to us to do this if it is going to be done. First, everyone needs to go to the Heritage Foundation website and have them send you a free pocket constitution/declaration of Independence. Read it for yourself and for your children. Get your children's imagination wrapped around the truth of our founding so that they can combat the training at screwl.

Pray. Pray to God that we find our way back. Otherwise, we should hang our heads each time we look in our children's faces. We have mortgaged their future and those of their progeny. Our nation must be forced back onto the straight and narrow, by any means necessary.

Thank you all. Good night and God bless.


I Ain't Got No Blog said...

Wow, what a great blog..If you look at the way Obama beams at those America haters you would see that ..Rush is right..Obama believes he will make our "evil country" into a socialist utopia that these demagogues will admire. Obama, Ortega, Rev Wright, Chavez, Castro and Louis Farrakhan are all cut from the same hate America cloth..

Greywolfe said...

Thanks for coming by. And thanks for the kudos. I'll take em anywhere I can get em. Hope you plan to come back regularly.

Joe said...

Well, you get some more from me.

We have strayed as a nation and with people like J. Garafalo and President BO being the heros of the day it will be very difficult to get back to where we came from by any means, peaceful or otherwise.

Is there another "New World" where we can go set up a new nation based on the Judeo/Christian ehtic where men are created equal with certain unalienable rights, such as life, liberty and the persuit of happiness...where we can inact the First Ten Amendments for real, and where states rights and individualism reign?

Greywolfe said...

Thanks Joe, I'm not sure we need a "New World". We need to take this one back. Or help texas to secede and we all move there.

Seriously though, this nation is still a beautiful place, but I fear the day is dawning when we look at the tree of liberty and realize that if we don't do what is necessary to renew it, it will die.

The founders knew what it took to maintain liberty, blood. The blood of patriots and tyrants. As I've said in other places; the next step in the Tea Party process, is civil disobedience. After that, the nation will have to decide whether our liberties are worth the blood of Americans being spilled on American soil again.

If we persist, the government will force it to that point.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

04 21 09

That Gerafalo chick is a stone cold fool. I hate it when people talk about what they don't know. She doesn't know anything about Tea Parties or how they've come about, she simply paints the goers as racist rednecks. She has a whole helluva lot of nerve.

GW, this country started going down hill when WWilson authorized creation of the FED. They have been fleecing the American public ever since and he later said he regretted his complicity in its creation.

I don't have a problem with our President trying to make friends with previous enemies, especially if they have nuclear capabilities. The issue is how much compromise can be tolerated, and what is his real purpose in reaching out to these people?

Cuba was working on anticancer vaccines at least fifteen years ago and due to our embargo with them, we could not import those dugs into the USA. Consequence? Folks who could afford it were going to Canada to get the treatment. That makes absolutely no sense. I figure that if a country has developed something that can positively benefit all of humanity, then it makes no sense to disallow them from importing that good here.

With that said, I strongly feel as though our President has some evil people spewing garbage into his ear AND I feel that he is a false prophet. My mother would kill me if she found out I said this, but I believe him to be a liar, a cheat and a hypocrite.

You don't say you are a Christian and then vote to deny BASIC human rights to babies. You don't say you are a Christian and then have the strongest record of infanticide support of any Senator in the history of our country.

You don't say you believe in liberty then vote to take taxpayer dollars and indebt future generations for trillions of dollars.

I have disagreed with just about 85% of everything he has done and don't mean to be negative but he has royally pissed me off. I don't understand how anyone would fall for anything he said.

A poster above mentined Farrakhan. My view on him is radically different and I won't debate that here, but at least he has integrity. He has NEVER lied about his intentions and his actions show his values.

Our President is so slippery and foul that he doesn't even support his OWN AUNTIE! Forget that!

Greywolfe said...

Disa, you know I love it when you come over here. Your comments are from the heart and for that I can't fault them.

I remember our conversations before Barry become President and I take no satisfaction on being on the right side of history on that one. He was and is the worst man we could possibly have voted in. If it was so necessary that we break down supposed racial barriers, why in God's name, couldn't we have let Dr. Alan Keyes get the nod?

Gayle said...

Greywolfe, I've seen you around the blogosphere as you visit many of the same people I do. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment.

I'm not surprised that I find nothing to disagree with in this post. I also read your "Manifesto - Updated" post, and perused some of your other posts. Excellent work on all of them!

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

04 21 09

Yeah GW and Gayle. Sadly yeah. We just have to be strong and store up supplies and have a strong prayer life because FAITH will help us through this. I strongly hope the Tea Parties were just a start.

I thought of our countries history the other day and thought "Golly we were started by a tax revolt". Let us not forget our origins. No taxation without representation and I think they should make lobbying illegal. No more corporations who fleece the public in office. Forget that!

Hey at least I can come here and share my thoughts, you have got to understand that I am unable to do this with many family members despite the love I have for them.

I appreciate your blog because you admit to your own humanity and aren't afraid to discuss what you believe. Even if we might disagree on certain issues, you have my respect.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

04 21 09

And about Alan Keyes? I don't understand why he is so reviled by those on the left. Oh wait a minute because he breaks their paradigm of a Black man. He doesn't spew victimology, although he acknowledges history. He advocates liberty and rights given by GOD. He is not into infanticide and supports family values.

Hell even his self avowed lesbian daughter is quite active in the pro life movement because she sees it as a human rights abuse. This man is a great man. I disagree with some of the things he has said regarding foreign policy but you cannot agree one hundred percent with everything someone says anyways.


Anonymous said...

Very well said and great historical perspective, thanks.

Always On Watch said...

Outstanding post!

Have you read Mark Levin's Liberty and Tyranny? He makes many of these same points.

Greywolfe said...

Always on Watch, thanks for coming by. Yes. As a matter of fact, I just finished listening to it on audio. He has crystalized points for me that I have believed but not been able to put into words. And gave me some historical backup for what I have felt must be true.

Gayle and KrisEveland, Thank you for coming by. And thank you for your kudos. If we can't learn from the past, how are we to progress towards the ends that our founders envisioned?

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