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I'm a simple man, not a simpleton. The worst thing any of our leaders can do is to get those two things confused. I'm a warrior for those things I believe in. I stand up for my friends, family, God, and country. All I truly want is for the government to stay as far out of my life as I can get it. Oh and just in case you haven't guessed it; I'm conservative in my bones.


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ramos and Compean Are Finally Home.

So, finally, America's two political prisoners are finally home and more light is being shed on exactly what went down, in regards to their witch-hunt excuse of a trial. It's no surprise that the persecution and prosecution of these two heroes is one of the largest reasons for my disfavor with the Bush administration as a morally bankrupt administration. Hell, the entire border security topic sends my blood pressure into the stratosphere.

On the positive side, they are home and I thank Jesus for that. These men are heroes and I hope the best for them. I believe that they will have no problems in getting private sector jobs in spite of their conviction. In fact, it's probably the first time that anyone has ever used a felony conviction as a positive resume note. I'd hire them for personal security if I were rich enough. Although I'd teach them to shoot center-mass. Here's a couple of articles I found on them.

Ramos, Compean Freed from Prison Congressman calls for probe of prosecutor, role of Mexico --WND
This one I found interesting because of the admitted role that Mexico had in the prosecution process. I've used the term political prostitutes before and Bush definately was one.

Border agents celebrate homecoming He said, 'I love you, and he just embraced me'
This one says all that needs to be said. God bless these two families.


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