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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is Our Focus Off?

I just finished the five book "Last Jihad" series by Joel C. Rosenberg. He started writing the last Jihad before 9/11 and some of the things that he wrote about before the 9/11 attacks, such as Muslims using passenger planes to attack America, were eerily similar to the actual events. He has been called a "modern day Nostradamus", which is patently false, as he himself will tell you. What he has done is to look at Bible prophecy and world news and put them together into a believable form and create a possible future.

Reading these books, written by a messianic Jew, has opened my eyes to points of view, some of which I've stated on here in the past, that I cannot turn away from. I look at them from the point of view of a Christian warrior and a patriot for this country. Some of the things I see in the tea leaves, so to speak, are stark and scary. Some are beautiful beyond belief. I want to put an excerpt from the Authors notes taken from the last book in the series called "Dead Heat".

"I am not a clairvoyant, a psychic, or a modern day Nostradamus, as some have suggested. I am simply a story teller. Dead Heat is the fifth and final novel in the series that began with The Last Jihad. And like the other four it is based on a series of very real and increasingly serious geopolitical threats facing the United States and our allies today. As well as on a series of very real and deeply sobering prophecies written in the pages of the Bible, centuries ago. So far as such geopolitical threats are concerned, it is not my contention that we are necessarily destined to see such horrors come to pass. Hopefully, our nation's political, military, intelligence, and law enforcement leaders will have the necessary wisdom, courage, and sense of urgency to counter and neutralize these threats, and many others like them, in time.

If we, and they, understand the magnitude of the Evils gathering against us, we could very well avoid the cataclysms that some experts now believe are no longer a matter of if, but when. So far as the prophecies are concerned however, let me be clear. The world is destined to see such horrors come to pass. When? I cannot say. How will such events play out? One can only speculate. I have no doubt it will happen, as the Bible predicts, and they certainly could happen in our lifetime. Only the Lord, himself, knows. That said, it is worth noting that of the one thousand or so prophecies found in the pages of the bible, more than five hundred have already come true. Indeed, a number of startling End Times prophecies have come to pass over the course of the last century. Including the rebirth of the state of Israel, large numbers of Jews returning to the Holy Land after centuries of exile, Jews rebuilding the ancient ruins of Israel and making the deserts bloom, and Israel creating "an exceedingly great army".

All of this begs the question: Since some dramatic Last Days prophecies have come true in our lifetime, isn't it remotely possible that more such prophecies could happen in our lifetime, as well? One of my fictional characters in Dr. Mordecai put it this way in The Ezekiel Option, describing bible prophecy as "an intercept from the mind of God". The scriptures tell us that God, in his sovereignty has chosen to give us advance intelligence of some future geopolitical events, that will shake our world and shape our future, so we are not caught off guard. So we can get ready. So we can help others get ready. As the Hebrew prophet Amos once wrote, "Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless he reveals his secret counsel to his servants, the Prophets. Amos 3:7.

Which brings me back to my first point. Though something is coming, I pray we are spared the events portrayed in Dead Heat. I did not write this book to predict exactly how such end time prophecies will come to pass. I wrote it to ask, "What if?" What if the political debates that so obsess and divide us prove, one day, to be trivial pursuits, distracting us from the most important and pressing issues of our time? What if, in the midst of Presidential campaign seasons that invariably consume so much of our nation's time, talent, and treasure, we find ourselves, one day, blindsided by gathering Evils we either do not see, or fail to fully appreciate? What if the great fortunes we are trying to amass do not protect us from the weapons being formed against us? And what if, in our never ending national hunt for power, prosperity, and celebrity, we somehow gain the whole world, but forfeit our souls? A new Evil is rising. I feel it. Let us awaken, before it's too late." -Joel C. Rosenberg, Nov. 2007, Washington, D.C

This, in some ways, was my favorite part of the entire book. It very clearly shows how intelligent and observant this man is in relation to world events and biblical prophecy. After reading/listening to this series, which is head and shoulders better than the Left Behind series for believability and biblical accuracy, I am forced to ask the same questions that Joel posited above.

Have we, as Christians, lost the forest for the trees? Have we forgotten what we are fighting for? What the end result is to be for us and our families and (hopefully) friends? I have written about the Magog war and have discussed other possibilities for how prophecy is going to be fulfilled, and now I want to open a discussion with you, my new family and friends about this topic. I want to know your thoughts on the prophecies that have come about and those that seem to be on the brink.


Grace Explosion said...

Well, if I succeed in my mission, I personally think it would fulfill (or be part of an unfolding fulfillment) of Revelation 12. My call is the unification and maturation of the body of Christ in the full stature move of the Spirit in full illumination of the foundational doctrines of God's 100% Sovereignty and Grace. Having been born-again in a full face to face salvation - and seeing the experience of the husband of my youth dying a spiritual death by the locusts eating everything... symbolizing the destruction of his soul in the sin undo death... and all that I see of "my story" in scripture... I wonder. Does everyone read the Bible and see their story?? Is everyone called to the unification and maturation of the body of Christ in the full stature move of the Spirit?? Am I "unique" in my calling or is it the common call of all Christians?? Do I see myself in the woman with the apostolic crown on her head ministering the full dawn of day - full illumination to the body of Christ... as all Christians see themselves as the bride of Christ - or is it unique and specific to me in some way??

I sincerely wonder. Because whoever is truly successful in ministering that endtime move of the Holy Spirit - be it one or many or the entire body - IS the final fulfillment of that scripture.

I began my study last week Thursday - and I'm going to learn if I am the apostolic prophetess of Revelation 12... or just another female apostolic believer who saw Jesus in her salvation and had the same call as all Christians: that the body may come to unity.

Interesting times. We'll all find out if I'm "that one" or just another Christian believer who has the same call we all have from the Bible by the Spirit to grow into unity and maturity as a body. But my calling and my life correspond to the scriptures I see as related to that woman - though others have the same sense of identification too... because these stories in scripture are all of our stories. I mean like in Isaiah where the woman loses the husband of her youth - like in Joel - and God turns His face in His wrath?? Well, I endured the full wrath of God in my soul and it was just like that. And it all worked together to release within me an anointing of shekinah glory.

I've ministered to some and dared to tell them... I'm wondering if I'm the apostolic prophetess of Revelation 12 and if this is an anointing of sufficient clarity and power to unite the body of Christ.

Their answers (the 5 or so I've dared to ask who also experienced the ministerial anointing on my life to minister grace) were, "Yes".


I'm either just a sincere Christian who will have a shared calling with others... or this is significant. I've never been completely sure in my humanity - but I've wondered for 12 years now... could this be a fulfillment of scripture??

We shall see.

It's on the brink.

We'll all know soon enough.

Grace Explosion said...

One last note, this is what I believe in my heart is the word of the Lord to me relative the Book of Revelation. That Book is given to the church, in one sense, so that the church would know as these things come to pass that God is completely in control... that our hearts be not troubled.

We will know scripture is being fulfilled. We will know God is Sovereign. God did not want these things to happen without an advance recorded account so that we could focus on Him with faith in His Word knowing outcomes in advance. The Book of Revelation is given for our edification and comfort so that we will place our focus, faith, and trust in God knowing His plan. God will do no thing without telling His prophets. These things will not take us unaware as we pray and watch.

Anonymous said...

He is decades behind. Read "The 1993 Covenant" and "Who Are the Netzarim?"


Greywolfe said...

Grace, first I want to say thanks for your comments, and next I have two things I'd like to say and I hope that I bring perspective and not offend. But offense is not a reason to remain silent, so here goes.

First, and this is just what I can discover through my own searching through bible scholars' works and and studies of Revelations. The woman in Rev. 12 is Israel. Or maybe the church as a whole. I could go into their (theologians) reasons and other references to both Israel and the Church as brides and women, but that's for a post all on itself if that is deemed necessary.

Additionally, I would have to caution you about pride. Service in humility without striving to be great gains us much in the hereafter. Striving to (or hoping to) be great can lead to a terrible fall. Do those things that you feel are needing to be done and let God decide whether you have a prophetic place. All the signs are put before us. All we need to do is listen and act on what the spirit calls us to do.

Greywolfe said...

Yirmeyahu, thanks for coming by. I must admit that I can't really find very much on the site you listed, however, what I did find leads me, as a devout Christ follower, to dismiss the entire site out of hand. From what I could decipher, it claims that Christianity is a form of Jew hating religion. And a form of apostasy. I take extreme views towards this type of tripe and so I won't debate it's validity. Any more than I will debate the validity of Islam.

Since the day of Christ's death and before, there have been Jews that see Christ Jesus as a threat. He's seen as even more of a threat now than then, so it really doesn't surprise me to see sites like that.

However, as Christians, we're told to watch for false teachings and that site, however dressed up it may be with partial truths, is false in it's beliefs on Christ.

If I have, due to an inability to read Hebrew, misunderstood the purpose, or mission of the site, I apologize. If not then I will not debate or discuss views from there.

Joe said...

Patriot: That was really heavy and so are the comments, so far.

I could not access the above mentioned web site, so I can't really comment on it...but I am willing to accept your assessment.

Greywolfe said...

Hey Joe, welcome back. Yeah, I don't think the feelings from the Jewish community will change much until a couple very specific and unfortunately calamitous (sp?) comes to pass.

But what do you think about the premise of the post?

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