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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Help! I Think I'm Drowning

Ok. So today I was looking through the various and sundry news outlets and I have become overwhelmed by the sheer negativity of ALL of it. Not just from the mainstream media outlets, but from conservative sites as well. No matter where I look, it's "doom and gloom". A couple of things right off the top: 'Obama diplomacy will give Iran nukes' Ex-Mossad chief warns Tehran stalling,worries about president's 'learning curve' or this one, DEEP BREATH: Obama Expected to Regulate Carbon Dioxide? If you don't think that this is bad news, just ask yourself what the result of the federal governments past intrusions have been on automakers. And especially now, with the Big 3 all but sinking thanks to government involvement. I don't care if you are talking about cafe standards or unthinkably insane union contracts, the government's intervention is a large part of the fiscal woes of our automakers.

How about this hum-dinger, Syria building chemical weapons plant'Satellite images of facility identified as al-Safir taken by several sources--Jerusalem Post. Or if you want something a little closer to home... South Texas gangs compete to work for cartel'It's like a bidding war for a contract. It's not something you just get'.

Everywhere I look, our nation and its future is crumbling. Socialism is being driven down our throats and there are trial balloons being floated everywhere about further attacks on our liberty, such as the "fairness doctrine" or some other incarnation of the same ideas. Gun control bills that track purchases of ammunition by ID and address, not to mention mandating licensing and registration of firearms. Illegals are sueing American citizens for detaining them on HIS OWN land and the government allows it. Our borders are exploding with Mexican drug gangs and in all of this the President sits back and fiddles while Rome burns.

The only bright piece of news this past week was the return of agents Ramos and Compean to their families. Finally, America's only two political prisoners are freed from unjust imprisonment. I am truly happy for their families and wish only the best for them. But as I said, that is the only bright point in a week, month, or year of bad news on top of bad news.

So, yeah, I feel as if I'm drowning. It's as if every post I've ever written about the demise of this country is playing out and no matter how loud we, as Conservatives rant and rave, no one is listening. No one is willing to step up and shout down the socialists, marxists, maoists, communists and other idiots that want to destroy what made us so great. I'm a big fan of freedom of speech. However, having said that, I don't believe that all points of view are equal and equally valid. Some people should be run out on a rail. Only we don't have a "sherriff" willing to take the trouble-makers, hooligans, and criminals by the scruff of the neck and tell them to not let the sun set on them in the city limits.

On Oct. 4th of last year, I posted a blog entitled Death of a Free Republic. In it, I laid out the root causes of our demise as a nation. I am deeply troubled by the directions that our government is taking, not that I am in the least surprised by any of its actions. Indeed, the very fact that what they have done and are planning on doing is not shocking or surprising, is the reason that I am so very troubled. It means that the darker side of our tea leaf readings have a very good chance of coming to pass.

I guess I am posting this in hopes of someone giving me something to look forward to, politically speaking. Once again, I find that my patriotic tendancies are at war with the Christian in me. To know that something MUST come to pass, is not to wish or hope that it will. Especially in one's own lifetime.

The middle east is set to explode. The Russians are trying to resurrect the USSR and the EU has sold their souls to Allah. We are about as alone as we have ever been.


WomanHonorThyself said...

keep your chin up buddy!

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