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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Like We Need Another Hole In Our Head

Well, here's another ray of sunshine on our financial and social future as a nation.
U.S. Military: Mexico Collapsing Under Drug Violence, Corruption
. What is the single largest drain on our economy? Illegal immigration. Illegals drive the cost of all social services including, but not limited to, education, medical care, and the legal and penal system. Now let's look at the fallout from Mexico's society taking a header. Where are ALL those people gonna go? Yeah, you guessed it, right here. Meanwhile the Mexican drug cartels are becoming more and more aggressive on our border, with I might add, in some cases, the help of corrupt units of the Mexican Army.

When is our government going to take the job of securing our borders seriously. There are those that don't think that uncontrolled illegal immigration can become a serious problem. Well, I am willing to bet that the American Indian could explain the ramifications pretty clearly.

You know, I'd sure like to be proven wrong on this stuff.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 14 09

You are beyond wrong about what the biggest drain on our economy is. It is NOT illegal immigrants, although they do take resources away from us and shouldn't be here in the first place. The biggest drain on the American economy is its very structure. Debt based economies aren't stable and never have been. Fiat money which isn't tied to anything but a decree by some private interests like the Fed is a problem. The fact that our money isn't tied to anything of value is a huge drain on the economy because of the continued debt boom and bust cycles we go through.

As to who is really draining the economy, why didn't you mention Madoff? He singlehandedly took BILLIONS from his investors. There is not a single illegal immigrant group I can think of that deals in that type of cash.

Also, recent news footage in my town showed illegals hopping BACK over the fence because the economic conditions here are so bad.

If you really want to learn more about this stuff from a guy who predicted this crash a few years back, check out Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital. He has been right about everything and that scares me.

Take Care.

Chuck said...

Take heart Greywolfe, Obama won't let them fail. He'll pour billions of our dollars into the country as foreign aid. Also, realize that once his immigration policy (taking buses into Mexico to give people a ride here) takes effect, there won't be anyone left in Mexico to come pouring across the border.

Truth is, I've read a lot of stuff I've been skeptical about lately. An example is the Russian dudes assertion that the US will break into pieces. This theory though is a little scary.

Joe said...

I think you have identified one of the major sources of our economic woes. Whether it is the main one or not, is pretty complicated. I do not agree with Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden's comments entirely, but both of you are in the top 5 at least.

Greywolfe said...

Disa, your comment on the inevitable failure of a debt based economy is superb and I agree with it completely. However, the last number bandied about was 15-20 million illegals currently reside in the U.S.. 15-20 million people that are not on the tax roles and so are nothing BUT a drain on every social system they partake in.

I am going to have to revise my statement though. I'd say they come in 2nd place. The first and largest drain on us is now our federal government. 1+ Trillion dollar deficits are projected for the next several years.

That high pitched whining sound is the sound of our economy starting a flat spin.

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