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Thursday, December 11, 2008

ThreeCheers for Senate Republicans

Recent weather reports confirm it.... Hell hath frozen over! The Republicans in the Senate have killed the possibility of another bailout. Auto Bailout Dies in Senate.. Now the only option left if they want to do anything to help the UAW is to use some of the money that they have already stolen... er.... appropriated for other bailouts to prop the big 3 up.

So the good news is, our will is done for the remainder of this year and no new debt has been incurred. Bad news is, they may do an end run around us by using previously stolen money to get the job done.

In this, I will look to the positive side. The Republicans have decided to reach between their collective legs and squeeze out a bit of testosterone and stand up for the country. Only took them 8 years. Better late than never.


Anonymous said...

Well said. This bail out is really getting out of hand.

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Chuck said...

Somebody finally grew a pair

Bushwack said...

Oh YEAH! They found some nuts. Funny thing about that is, now the UAW is blaming only the Rep's? The Dem's really don't need Rep support, they could do it all alone.

Funny stuff right there.

cube said...

The reps should lay this problem where it belongs... at the feet of he dems who created it. I've had it with the jellyfish-spined reps of the past. We need new blood.

Myself said...

I'm on the fence with this one.
I really don't know whats best.
But I'm sure that the Auto workers will get some help in the end...They are going to have to

Z said...

let's see what happens.
How do you tell auto workers their pay's going down from $70 an hr to $40?

YIKES. Those are MEAN guys!

America builds cars nobody wants because the companies are too involved with paying for healthcare and inflated salaries; not much left with which to put in QUALITY$$$

WomanHonorThyself said...


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