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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hitler...er...I mean Obama youth program.

Ok. See, this is the kind of thing that scares me spitless. I just read this in WorldNetDaily's report entitled, Web faux pas: Plan leaked for 'civilian security force' . It's a plan that the Socialist-in-Chief-elect Obama has said he will make MANDITORY!

Let's rewind back to the 1920's and 30's. Hitler started a program for the youth of Germany, designed to indoctrinate the youth of that time in his stance on anti-semitism and Aryan supremacy. Now I'm not saying he's gonna teach kids the supremacy of any race over another. Good Lord I hope not. However, I do think socialist ideals would indeed be pushed down their throats. And it would be another place where the government, not parents, get a say in how children are raised. And this is the program that he would institute starting in middle school and making it a requirement through college.

Lastly, Down toward the bottom of the article it talks about the need for a civilian national security force." Taking in all of his other socialist ideas, and the admitted gut reaction I have for them, it's probably not a hard sell for me to equate this with the Nazi SS. Like the SS, Obama's Civilian Security Force would be as large and as well funded as the Military. What would be the scope of their power? What would their mission be? And what protections would we have against them seeing as they would not be considered Military or Law Enforcement. If they are "civilian" then the constitutional protections against law enforcement and military encroachment on civil liberties would not necessarily be applicable.

Am I the only one who can see a future where sons in a socialist youth program turn in fathers as seditionists to a government that uses a "civilian security force" to police such people up for re-education and indoctrination to a more politically correct mindset? At the heart of it, I suppose this is the future I've seen coming from Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barry Obama. He's giving us his vision of the future in little bites. He knows that if he does it in small bites, the liberal media and the left wing nuts will swallow it all and force feed it to the rest of us.


Chuck said...

The Black Panthers blocking access to the polling place in Philly will be the commanders. Remember when the left was outraged by the young Christian Republican youth during Reagan's time? The difference here is they were doing it voluntarily and because they believed in it. Obama wants to organize his youth and give them power. It's a little terrifying. Good read.

Anonymous said...

You said it spot on my friend,
I just want you to know that you are preaching to the choir

CB said...

The reason I compare him more to Mao is that there is no group he is targeting for extinction like Hitler did the Jews. Mao doesn't have the effect on the public psyche because people don't know the history. Mao killed 10 times the number Hitler did through his version of the terror famines and re-education camps. He took down capitalism and I think Obama wants to do the same with Maoist methods. The requirement for children to serve community service, which they've now changed to a goal, the civil defense cadre, etc., is more reminiscent of the change Mao believed in.

Greywolfe said...

Thanks for coming by dd and cb. I'm going to have to educate myself on Mao. You're right I don't really know the history there, but just from what you say, it does, indeed, sound like our new Pres.

Larry T Durham said...

Creepy stuff these Obamatrons are up to. But should these "patrols" come to pass, I envision some some stiff resistance from freedom loving Americans. We are a beligerant bunch down South.

highboy said...

Obama supporters typically roll their eyes at the comparison but it is verifiable fact how similar this mandate will be to a lot of what Hitler mandated for his youth. Tack on the fact that Obama is fine with 50 million babies aborted since Roe/Wade and its not to long a shot. Nice blog, I was going to add it to my blog roll.

Julie said...

Its very scary and he plans on making it mandatory. They indoctrinate the youth and will even remove the children from the home if the parents refuse. Good little commies they will all become even to the extent of turning in their parents and grandparents. History is repeating itself. Its scary times. I fear for my child and grandchildren

Greywolfe said...

Highboy, larry, and Julie thanks for stopping by. And for those that added me THANKS even more. It's amazing how many people are ready to just drink the coolaid and are not willing to see what's coming.

My fear is that there will indeed be a serious problem with civil unrest in this country. The things that will set it off that I can see is an all out attack on the 2nd Amendment or an assassination attempt on the socialist in chief.

If, God help us, somone does try(they don't even have to get it done) to kill him, there will be ankle deep blood from coast to coast.

The social ramifications of that scare the sheep dip outta me.

highboy said...

"scare the sheep dip" out of you? That's a rather beautiful example of substitution profanity. I like it.

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