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I'm a simple man, not a simpleton. The worst thing any of our leaders can do is to get those two things confused. I'm a warrior for those things I believe in. I stand up for my friends, family, God, and country. All I truly want is for the government to stay as far out of my life as I can get it. Oh and just in case you haven't guessed it; I'm conservative in my bones.


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Friday, November 21, 2008

...All enemies both foreign and domestic

Well, lately I've been hit with several thought streams that have been coming from different directions, but have some very disturbing things in common. I'm going to try to sort through some of them and hopefully get to some factual conclusions. I'm not at all sure of where the conclusions will run as I'm still trying to work some of it out in my head. Some of this will undoubtedly get bad reviews. Good as long as the arguments are coherent and not hate-filled tripe.

Also, understand that I am of two completely different minds about these topics. On one hand I am a patriot and warrior for my convictions. On the other I'm a Christian and self-educated prophecy scholar(Judeo-Christian philosophy only. All others need not apply). From these two points of view I see two very different outcomes and feel differently about them. I'll tackle the second point of view first as it's probably the easiest and shortest to come to grips with. I will say that a battle rages inside me every day because the things I believe are not always compatible with what I value.

From a Christian perspective, America is a hoar. Pure and simple. She started out in her youth with promise and a bright future, if only the people kept the will to remain true to it's founding. All social injustices that were here before the constitution would have eventually taken care of themselves because in the light of that good document, evil could not prevail. Hypocrisy was not a tolerated social trait back then. At some point, slavery, women's suffrage, and equal rights would have been corrected in due course. However, as this young lady of a country grew she was courted by those with ulterior motives. They did not like the fact that this young country put a light squarely on their inconsistencies and flaws. So they sought to corrupt her and did this by flattery and coercion. They supported men of questionable character, throughout her adolescence and those men turned the face of this country farther and farther from the light of moral and spiritual truth. Now she wears a scarlet letter branded into her forehead and emblazoned on her breast. She stands for nothing and gives only lip service to her fathers. She kills her young in the millions and tells her almighty Father that he has no place in her life. She's lost her way and it is inescapable that scripture NEVER mentions America in it's prophecies for a reason.

My personal belief is that America will not recover. Our most powerful days are behind us because we have turned our eyes from those things that were the foundation stones of this country. We've used moral equivalence to weaken the mortar between the stones of our Union. We've weakened the national will through government handouts and dependency and place our Father on the same shelf as Santa and the tooth fairy. Yes, I do believe in redemption, but I do not hold out hope for it.

Now for my point of view as a patriot. I see attacks on our constitution and our founding fathers' vision for our country in every corner of our society. A free press is necessary to a free society when it is true to it's responsibilities. But our press has become biased AGAINST the constitution and has come to support those things that all of our immigrants came here to escape. Socialism, Marxism, Communism. All different names and faces of the same evils. These evils have allowed most of Europe to be over-run by ethnic groups whose religious beliefs demand that all non-muslims be converted by word or sword or they must be killed. In many areas in Europe the native populace is being outnumbered by Muslims. This is due to the rapid decrease in birth rates throughout Europe. The important thing to acknowledge is that the decrease in birth rates correlates directly to the decrease in the devout christian membership. Find the country that has turned the farthest from God and you'll find the lowest birth rate. Muslims on the other hand, are quite devout and breed like rats.

Open borders in the European Union have destroyed whatever chance that those countries might have had to salvage some portion of their sovereignty. They are being flooded with immigrants from the middle east and are beyond any hope of regaining their own lands. The Press and liberals in our government, in open accord with groups like moveon.org and the N.O.W. as well as other groups that have been attacking first one then another of our foundations as bigoted and racist, are pushing for our country to open up and join the "Global Community". It makes my hackles rise. So far we've kept it from happening by social means alone. But I think that our enemies have had a longer range vision than we conservatives have.

OK, let's look at recent history. In 2005 G.W. Bush signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. This agreement is argued to be the precursor to the North American Union. This could never come about if America were doing as well as we have been over the last few decades. Now we have had a perfect storm of events happening, some of which is either the product of gross incompetence or by design of our government. All of these crises AND their attempted fixes have only succeeded in further degrading the American dollar and increasing our national debt to a critical level. If allowed to continue the interest on our debt will be so high that it will become unserviceable. We won't even be able to make the minimum payments on the interest alone. When that happens, the dollar will cease to have any value as a currency. In a state of emergency like that, I look for the benevolent governments of Mexico, Canada, and of course the USA to say that in order to put things back into balance and provide for a renewed period of economic growth a new North American Union will have to be formed. Some of this is speculation on my part. Most is not... Lou Dobbs has covered it and so has (I believe) MSNBC. Glenn Beck has been screaming for months on CNN about the possibility.

Every time an election comes up, voter fraud gets worse and worse and more and more slanted to the left. And more and more the governments in those states do not do all that they must to keep it from happening or to minimize the impact upon elections. This current election cycle was the worst I've ever heard of. 10's of thousands of instances of voter regestration fraud in over 13 states. How many state elections are being stolen by groups like ACORN. In the first draft of the 700Billion dollar bailout 20% would go to groups like ACORN. My conspiracy antennae went up again. How can we think that so many individual events could happen in such a short time period without some form of concerted effort to make them happen.

Now for the hard part. Hypothetically speaking, of course: If our government is systematically sabotaging our country and our Constitution, what recourse do we the people have? If corrupt government funded but private organizations taint the elections if not outright stealing them, and sympathetic state governments turn a boldly blind eye to it, removing our voice in government, what is left for us to do? Do we just roll over and take it? Or do we do the unthinkable and take back our government in the same manner that it was taken from the English? Who would be willing to do the unthinkable? If the government came to your house for your weapons, without you committing a crime, would you force them to kill you to take them? If they said you could no longer post blogs of this nature, would you do it, still, if it meant prison? Would you be willing to spill blood on the Capitol steps to take back what is being ripped from your country? If yes, what would the trigger have to be? We all say we love this country, and our freedoms. How much? Could we win? Is that even a relevant question?

Personally, I am not at all sure that we could win such a fight. In fact, only if the military decided that the government was in violation of their oath of service and therefore either stand aside or assist in such an overthrow, would there be a chance of winning. Not to say, of course, that I wouldn't fight, and die, for my freedoms. I would die, but more importantly, if it came to that, I would fight, kill, and live. That would be the hard part. For in the beginning, the founders were called traitors. They were called criminals and had bounties placed upon their heads.

Well, this has been my little slice of insanity tonight. Please give me your honest appraisal of what I have put on here. I could show clips of the newscasts but they are easily found with a google search. Feel free to use the one on this page. Good luck and God bless. Once again I hope I'm wrong, but unfortunately, I've been more accurate than is good for my emotional health.


Chuck said...

I have to disagree in that I think the country can and will come back. I do agree we're in a mess right now but we've been here before and righted the ship. The last time we had this moral and economic decay we ended it with the Reagan revolution. I think this is the more likely outcome today. The people of America are right of center, regardless of what the media says. Finally Americans are resilient, this is the hallmark shared by us all. We get up and fight for what we believe in. I don't want to put my head in the sand but I think it is likely Obama is just a fad. Most Americans are not stupid, they will see through him eventually.

Good blog. Keep up the good fight. I beleive we as bloggers who care so deeply about America have a roel and a duty to help bring our country back.

Joe said...

Oklahoma Patriot: I found yu through The Shoprat.

I used to live in Midwest City, where my father was stationed at Tinker AFB.

What you put on here is good.

I'm not sure you put enought blame on the Mainstream Media for where we are.

It is my opinion that the MSM is no longer a protector FROM the government, but a protector OF the govenrment and honestly believes its job is to promote and support a left wing agenda.

I used to think it was a passive thing, but I'm now convinced that it is aggressive and deliberate.

It will not be long, in my humble, but correct, opinion (do you know about those?) before all contrary views will be crushed.

The downfall of this country, if we are not more diligent in our tasks to prevent it, will be the collusion between government and the press, which may well be far enough elong as to be unstoppable by ordinary means.

I, for one, would die to resurrect the freedoms we used to have.

Leaving the Judeo-Christian basis for our existance is where it all started.

Since we are unlikely to return to those values, our future seem bleak, at best.

Great post.

I would like to add your blog to my blog-roll.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Don't give up hope.

Greywolfe said...

The fact that I've got people like chuck, Joe, and Pasadena reaching out to me, does give me hope. I do hold out hope that our country CAN be turned around. But I fear that there will be a cost in blood to get it accomplished.

This is not because I think Social and fiscal conservatives are going to push it to that point. I think that the level of gutteral hatred that the left has for us is what will do it. They have blood in the water and are just looking for a reason to escalate the confrontation. From one end of this country to the other, leftists scream and attack christians and conservatives in ways that would have been unheard of at any other decade in our history.

At times when we take a stand and push back their corrupting agendas (prop 8 for instance) the hatred comes out and spews accross the country. Look at what they did to that poor old church lady that just went out to calmly have her say. She was physically accosted and shouted down. Freedom of speech is only tolerated by the left when it's their views being presented. If you dissent then you're a bigot and racist.

This type of hatred does not go away. This type of rage will only increase the more people like those of us on this blog and others like it, continue to bring the truths to the light of day.

Soon, very soon in my humble opinion, we will have a demonstration that will shed blood. If by some miracle the California Supreme Court decides to do the right thing and uphold a LEGAL CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Then you will see a LOT of blood in California. From there it will spread. A pundant wrote a book once called "Liberalism is a mental disorder". To me, I see it more as a disease. It spreads and infects others with the hate that is necessary to even TRY to justify the acts it perpetrates. Class envy, Racism, Social relativism are all tools that the left uses to propogate their hate. What I see happening to our society is akin to watching a person at the edge of hysteria. You have to shock an hysterical person with a slap to get them to think again. What shock will it take to bring our thoughts back to reason and away from the madness that is growing.

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