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I'm a simple man, not a simpleton. The worst thing any of our leaders can do is to get those two things confused. I'm a warrior for those things I believe in. I stand up for my friends, family, God, and country. All I truly want is for the government to stay as far out of my life as I can get it. Oh and just in case you haven't guessed it; I'm conservative in my bones.


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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Thoughts the 5 Days Before

Well, we're just 5 short days before the citizens of the United States go to the polls and decide whether or not we are to remain a society based on individual rights and a government "limited" by the constitution, or rather, we will become a pseudo-socialist society with the peoples' rights being limited by the government. I wish I could tell you that I was confident in the wisdom of the American people but I would have to be as big a liar as Barney Frank or Nancy Pelosi to pull that off.

The fact is, I'm scared. I have been looking at the actions of the people of this country and I truly have no faith in them, at this point, that they will do the right thing. They have abandoned reason for blind faith in a cult of personality. They have given up their freedoms for empty promises in the past and are showing a growing propensity to continue in the same path towards some ethereal utopia, where the government takes care of us from cradle to grave. Already, the weakness of our mindset and the push for globalization of business and finance has caused the country that came up with nearly every invention that allowed for the industrial revolution to dismantle its manufacturing infrastructure and become reliant on traditional enemies for our most basic items for construction, manufacture, food, and even a good 85% of our supplies in our house.

I'm sitting here staring at a pro American hat that has a made in China label. In 1929, when the country started down into recession, the government raised taxes and we immediately fell further into depression. Tax hikes weren't the ONLY cause but it certainly accelerated things. Protectionist policies were another set of gremlins that helped dismantle our countries financial outlook.

So, here we are, 79 years later and we are about to inaugurate a man that has already said he plans to socialize a good deal of our lives. He is talking about redistribution of wealth from those that make it to those that don't. He's talking about a trillion dollars in new spending and taxing the job creators to pay for it. And we as Americans are going to be complicit in every bill that he signs that tightens the rope on our throat.

We've got 5 days to decide whether or not we're going to be a society based on freedom and opportunity or on dependence and subservience to our government. I do hope that I am just suffering from depression caused by negative ads, however, what is , is. I don't try to believe something is true just to make myself feel better. Guess we'll just have to vote and watch.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Third World Politics in a First World Nation

I feel like I'm watching a third world country try to pull off its very first election instead of the oldest democratic republic in the world try for the 44th Presidential election in over 200 years of voting. What in the world is going on? Acorn and their ilk have guaranteed that we will have another election just like the one 8 years ago. Endless recounts followed by several states asking the courts to intervene, right up to and including the Supreme Court.

It amazes me that those on the left, who are always crying about how we're undermining "some one's" rights, are so quick to just shrug off the blatant fraud that is being perpetrated in at least 13 states. I'm ashamed to say that the reason that they aren't saying anything is because the person that is being helped by all this is Obama. What is it about this man that makes people excuse anything done, regardless at how morally reprehensible it is, just to get him into office.

I've done what I've heard the talking heads on TV and in the radio say they do. I ask people why they are voting for Obama. Granted, I'm in a small rural town of about 7,000 (not counting students in college) and that probably taints the validity of my sample, somewhat, however, Not one person that I talk to can name anything, specifically, that he has done. And yet, millions of people are willing to prostitute their integrity for him.

I have given up the idea that we can win this election fairly, no matter what McCain does. I'm afraid of what is going to happen to our country given that both houses are looking to become filibuster proof and no chance of a Presidential veto. I wonder how much it will take. How many of our liberties and freedoms will have to be revoked in order for Americans to take back our government? I hope to God that force will not be needed to get this wonderful place back on track to being the place that I love in my mind, however, I don't see any hope of the insanity to fade on its own.

Understand that I am not lobbying for an armed overthrow of the government. I just see the frustration getting to that point very soon. I guess we all have to make choices. I wonder where you will come down?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Political Prostitutes

Good Lord above, where does one start? How many people involved with government, or even private politics, currently have any self-esteem? I mean, how can you get down on your knees in front of anyone with a chance at power, just so you can try and make points with them. Pick a news network and I'll show you a LOT of people that have to wipe their chins every time Barry Obama says anything, no matter how inane the statement might be.

How many people will follow a "cult of personality" just because their (the politician, preacher, pope, etc., etc.) personality happens to be stronger than theirs(citizen). My God in Heaven! As a society we've become nothing but a bunch of lemmings. We make no decisions for ourselves. Instead we run to the first person that says, "Don't worry! I and my administration will provide "A" "B" "C" for you and you won't have to bother with it. (insert your socialist policy of choice for the letters). What was it that started the watering down of the American blood? What was it that weakened our spines and took self reliance away from us? Was it the "New Deal"? I honestly want to know. Have we merely become subject to a repeat of the history of all the rest of the great societies(Rome, Greece, Egypt)? Have we run the course that is defined by our human failings and are unable to go beyond without first having our freedoms and rights taken from us?

Complicit in this fall are all the politicians, talking heads, reporters, "journalists", and celebrities that parade themselves in front of us demanding that ALL ideas are equal. That ALL points of view (except those of the founders) are valid. These "useful idiots", as Lenin called them, yell and scream that social and fiscal conservatives are racists and hate mongers. That we would kill the old and deprive the young of food. I find it hard to credit that they even believe the tripe that they spew. All of this is for the ability to make themselves feel morally superior. Or in a vast number of cases they just want to increase their power base by feeding off of the ready number of people that, through previous attempts to push socialist ideas, feel like someone should feel sorry for them as "victims". These last are not hard to find in any city, state, or federal governmental body. Look for those that see their power as a right. Look for those that are entrenched in their position of authority. These people will say whatever they must, destroy anyone they must, to further their power and position.

Our Federal Congress is full to bursting with the refuse of our political gene pool. Nothing will change (God knows I hate that word now) until ALL of them are removed, term limits are instituted and we are able to burn them out and start over.

Hollywood and the mainstream media have become a blight on our nation's image. I find it horrible that these people are kept on the screen by our money. Unfortunately no one since the Dixie Chicks has been told to "just shut up and sing!!!" or act, or report. Stop trying to be the news and just report it. Make movies but keep your insane, disconnected, mentally atrophied, Marxist ideas to yourself.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Election draws near. or... For whom the Bell Tolls...

Well, we're less than two weeks away from changing, officially, to a socialist country. God bless Joe the plumber for getting Obama to openly state, for the record, that he is a socialist. Not one talk show either on radio or TV could get him to fess up. It took a middle class worker to cut to the heart of the matter. Will it matter at the polls? From the polls I saw, McCain is indeed making hay out of it, but I'm not sure how well it will work. If it will be enough to push him out front in the final stretch of this race, is something that we will have to wait on Obama's record breaking number of lawyers to finish their challenges to know.

I've been thinking about which American institutions will be the first to go after the 1st of the year, and I've come to some disturbing conclusions. First, the free market is toast. We've already seen what Nancy Pelosi and her ilk are want to do, socialize, socialize, socialize. Our medical system (yes the same one that Europeans and Canadians continually come here to utilize because their own socialized system is broken) will be taken over by the government. When the backlog of patients start and people start getting vociferous in their complaints to talk radio or conservative TV, then the fairness doctrine will be brought back. There goes freedom of speech. Next, will be the 2nd Amendment. There will be a constitutional amendment to repeal that because the very far right wingers (yes my hand is raised on this one) will start to wonder if the blood of patriots being spilled will be the only recourse left to us in taking back our country. (never fear! I don't believe that there are enough people left who's blood is thick enough to pull it off.) From there, we'll be told that under no circumstances should we mention Christ in public as it will offend non-Christians and will be considered hate-speech. Before too long I expect someone will decide that our sovereignty is an outdated notion and we will start down the road to an American Union with Mexico and Canada. Instead of the U.S. Dollar it will be the Peso-dollar or some-such.

I give us another 75 rears until our full societal collapse. Rome, Greece, and in fact all great societies fell as their freedoms and faiths were eroded from inside out. We may be 200 years in being absorbed into either Mexico or Canada, but it will happen.

This apocalyptic analysis brought to you by the liberal wings of both parties with help from the Rainbow Coalition, the NAACP, NOW, GLAAD, and of course the ACLU. We would like to give special attention and dishonorable mention to the U.N. for all the help it has given to make this possible.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Death of a Free Republic

Today I write to tell you of the terrible illness that has swept into our great republic. It is a cancer founded in political correctness, sloth, and cowardice, as well as the greed and power mongering of the Washington elite. It is, I am afraid, a fatal cancer of the core values and strengths that brought us to the highest points in the history of human kind.

It started not too very recently, but remained, if not dormant then hidden, eating away at the defensive immunities that our founders had placed in this great society at its conception. Like mother's milk, our founders tried to pass on their understanding and thereby protect us from illnesses and evils by preaching and teaching that ours was to be a Godly country; founded on Christian principles and mores. They fought to make a country that would stand like a shining city on a hill, as President Reagan said, to show all peoples what a free God-fearing country could become. They charged us to hold this great land with their ideals and we have forsaken our sacred duty. We have allowed the failed beliefs of failed nations to creep into our country and take root like a virus. Like a viral infection, this disease will take its course and we have no defense against it. Most people don't even recognize the symptoms of the illness. Those things that dissolve the bone structure of our nation are seen as aid and help in times of struggle.

Let me be more clear in the different aspects of this disease. It started in 1947 with a putrid finding by the Supreme Court on the false idea of the separation of church and state. From this ruling all further break downs in the social mores of our country can be traced. Next was the introduction of socialist policies under the "New Deal". These policies can honestly be argued to have prolonged the Great Depression, instead of, as liberal historians would have us believe, ending it. As evil as it was, WWII was the reason for the end of the Great Depression. Sloth, on the part of conservative people, has caused us to let others make the decisions that effect the course of our lives and those of our future born. Greed makes us ask for hand outs from the government and makes us dependant on that government for our daily bread and shelter from the time we are born to the time we die. Cowardice causes us to shy away from the good fight because we don't want to have our peers look down on us as extremists. Extremism in a just cause is not a vice. It is a responsibility. It is a Duty. Now we allow our children to kill their children so as not to "punish them with a baby" for their mistakes. No longer do we look to ourselves when our lives do not pan out, instead we look to others who we perceive, thanks to our politicians and the media, are holding us down and interfering with our success.

Our founders told us that the policies of socialism are evil. The Federalist papers as well as other period documents and letters by our founders show clearly that the government was never to wield the powers that it now does. In 1773 our fathers stood in protest against unfair taxation and wealth redistribution that was happening in the early colonies. Knowing that they were in open rebellion against, not a peace loving democracy, but a brutal monarchy, they still voiced their anger and refused to fold under the incredible pressures and punishments handed down by the crown. In the end, they revolted and fought for their freedom.

Now, little more than 230 years have passed, and its almost inconceivable that we are the descendants of those great men. Those great souls that must weep if not for the guarantee of freedom from pain and sadness in the here-after. All they fought for is now dying. Our country's only social fighters are those that argue and struggle to roll back our rights and those of the helpless. They would guarantee a woman's right to kill a child up to the day it came out of its own accord. They would deny that life any defense or human label other than fetus. We lose more and more of our humanity and we wonder why our youth kill themselves and each other in our schools.

Our government now has started socializing our private industries in the name of stabilizing the economy. The government CAUSED this crisis. Their corruption and power mongering is what guaranteed that this would happen. They knew it was coming and now they run around telling us that they must act, and it must be NOW! They have increased, in one week, our federal budget by over 20%. This is an increase directly to our national debt. It is a debt our children's children's children will have no hope to pay off. God help us.

But then, why should he? We have abandoned him and his teachings. We have not only said that we don't know him, we say that we aren't interested in knowing him. He will not help us. Not if he was willing for the Jews to suffer outside of their own homeland for 2000 years before restoring them. What chance have we? None. I don't know if the final death will take another 50 years or it may take the 8 years that Obama will rule. Please note the intentional use of rule instead of serve. Either way, the disease, be it a form of cancer or sexually transmitted disease, was self-given and if we survive, the cure will have to be self administered and painful. If not then we go into the long night of our own accord. Just like Rome and Greece before us.

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